Thursday, January 16, 2020

Text of Benson TB Jan 7 2020

Benson TB Jan 7 2020

Benson considers being part of new fire district
NORTHVILLE--The Benson Town Board went to a meeting on January 7, 2020, held in the Northville Central School, the purpose of which was to take part in a public hearing on the proposal that the Town of Benson join the Town of Northampton and the Village of Northville Fire District that is to be formed.
Public present from Benson included Peg Schutze, John Stortecky, Charles Biche, Jeanne Cox, David Pincombe and Dick Barlow.
The lawyer for the proposed fire district, Mr. T. Hannigan explained the working of such a district.
Peg Schutze asked how the officials would be chosen. The lawyer responded that the first year they would be appointed; after that all five would be elected.
More on this as the story develops.

This story is based upon the minutes provided by Town Clerk, Jeanne Cox.

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