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Wells TB March 16 2020

Wells seeks help to win FEMA funds
By PETE KLEIN—At the March 16 meeting of the Wells Town Board, Supervisor Nick Mauro explained his reasoning for bringing in a professional consultant to assist the town in maximizing financial recovery from FEMA and New York State. The cost will be reimbursable.
Mauro has had a couple of interviews with a few consultants, but the town must advertise officially in the newspaper, The Leader Herald.
Councilperson Rebekah Crewell added that a consultant is needed for the expertise required to accomplish the maximum recovery dollars we are entitled to and the fact that we will be reimbursed by FEMA for this administrative expense.
Councilperson Vanessa Saltis asked if Justin Gonyo was one of the consultants. No, he is the consultant in relation to grants or other funding sources related to the dam. Councilperson asked the Supervisor if he has interviewed yet. He hasn’t interviewed anyone yet but has spoken to few, one from Maine and another form Western New York as they have canvassed themselves looking for work as they know we are undergoing a disaster recovery plan. One example made known from speaking with a consultant in NYC was all the volunteer work that was done, mentioning Andrew’s volunteerism, can be credited to dollars.
Councilperson Andrew Lauria would have preferred to have been briefed on this prior to today.
Highway Superintendent Clay Earley agreed a consultant would be beneficial especially since we found FEMA will pay for it and they will assist and oversee the portal reporting process.
On a motion of Councilperson Tim Hunt, seconded by Councilperson Crewell, the following was APPROVED Ayes 4 - Mauro, Crewell, Hunt, Saltis; Nays 0.
Abstained – Lauria.
WHEREAS, the Town of Wells has recently been devastated by the effects of a severe storm, and
WHEREAS, the Town is in the process of planning and executing a massive recovery program, and
WHEREAS, the Town seeks a professional consultant or consultant firm to provide expertise to maximize financial recovery from FEMA and New York State,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Supervisor and the Town Board are authorized to publish a Request for Proposals (RFP Request) to obtain recovery assistance consultation to maximize financial recovery from FEMA and New York State.
On a motion of Councilperson Saltis, seconded by Councilperson Hunt, the following was APPROVED Ayes 5 - Mauro, Crewell, Hunt, Lauria, Saltis; Nays 0.
WHEREAS, Vehicle and Traffic Law Article 41, Section 1660 gives authority to the Town Board to post weight limits on Town Roads when the Board deems necessary to protect roads from harm during spring breakup, and
WHEREAS, the town roads are typically posted for the same duration as the county roads, and
WHEREAS, the Town Board and Town Highway Superintendent believes that it would be in the interest of the Town if the Town Highway Superintendent post weight restrictions on the Town roads in conjunction with the County Roads during spring breakup, be it
RESOLVED, the Town Board of the Town of Wells hereby requests and authorizes the Town Superintendent of Highways post weight restrictions on Town roads with the Town of Wells when he deems necessary for the calendar year 2020.
Supervisor Mauro reported on the Lake Algonquin Hydroelectric Plant for February 2020. Revenues totaled $13,241.57; expenditures totaled $422.52.
Supervisor Mauro gave a dam status update: all three gates are operating up and down, generating power, all working well. The generator has been tested and working well.
On a motion of Councilperson Crewell, seconded by Councilperson Saltis, the following was APPROVED Ayes 5 - Mauro, Crewell, Hunt, Lauria, Saltis; Nays 0.
WHEREAS, the Town Board Finance Committee is required annually to audit the financial records of the Town Justices in accordance with Section 2109-a of the Uniform Justice Court Act and said fiduciary duty memorialized into the minutes of the Board’s proceedings, and
WHEREAS, said audit was conducted by the Finance Committee on 2020 of all supporting books, records, warrants, vouchers, and cancelled checks of the Town Justices for 2019,
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board accepts the Audit Report of the Finance Committee as to its findings.
NYS Ag & Markets Dog Control Inspection report was received, and all areas were satisfactory.
Supervisor Mauro reported he received the five-year permit which is valid for up to five treatments. Not to be confused with our one-year contract with Bio Conservation as the applicator.
The Board reviewed the Building Code Enforcement Officer’s report for February 2020. He received a letter from the owners of the Seabiscuit stating their intentions on what they are proposing for the use of the building. A 100-year anniversary party where lite food and refreshments would be served, and people could BYOB. Councilperson Crewell suggested the Town make sure they have the appropriate insurance. They are also interested in setting up a hot dog cart on the land owned by them across the street. The Town does not have regulations on this, but they would be required to obtain a permit through the NYS Department of Health.
Councilperson Saltis updated the Board on the revised Summer Rec dates which are June 29-July 23, two additional days. The NYS Health Department suggested changing the title of the Counselors in Training. It was decided they would now be referred to “Chiefs”. Field trips are in a holding pattern for now. Councilperson Lauria asked if she had any idea of the school year being extending into the summer. Currently schools are closed until March 31 and will likely be extended.
Councilperson Lauria asked about the Community Hall basement renovations. Supervisor reported that Three Rivers Alliance will not be renting the space as they are relocating their office to Speculator. Councilperson Lauria asked if they were in a lease or month to month. Supervisor Mauro believes month to month. Councilperson Crewell asked if we should advertise for another tenant, Supervisor Mauro, that would be up to the Board.
Highway Superintendent Earley reviewed his monthly report with the Board.
Councilperson Lauria asked if there was a Monthly Water Report. Supervisor Mauro has spoken with George Paige, Water District Operator and he will have one for the April Board Meeting and each month thereafter.

This articles are based upon minutes provided by Maryellen Stofelano Town Clerk

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