Thursday, April 30, 2020

Arietta confronts Wuhan China Virus problems

Arietta TB April 8 2020

Arietta confronts Wuhan China Virus problems
ARIETTA—When the Arietta Town Board met on April 8, Supervisor Rick Wilt reported Chris Laver sent a letter asking to have all trailer parks closed until further notice due to people coming here and spreading the COVID-19 virus.
Supervisor Wilt sent that letter along with some other letters that the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors received to the Town Attorney. The attorney’s opinion was that he does not see how the Town can tell people they cannot come up to their trailers and not tell second homeowners to stay away as well. He does not know how you can tell a trailer park to stay closed, but not tell second homeowners to stay away. The board members feel it could be asked that the trailer parks do their own policing in this situation.
Mr. Wilt reported that there has just been the first case of COVID-19 in Speculator. He talked with the highway superintendent and told him that there can be only one person in a vehicle at a time.
Mr. Wilt reported he did not get much feedback from the septic committee on the new septic law changes so he feels they must be ok with them. So, he feels the board should go ahead with the changes. Mrs. Rudes had some ideas so she will send them to Rick, he will make the changes and send it to the Town Attorney. When he gets it back, he will send it to everybody again.
Jacqui Grier asked to have the dumpster removed from the Town garage yard. She said it is a mess as everyone is cleaning out and putting it at the dumpster. She said there is C&D and other things and it is a mess.
Mr. Wilt will talk to the highway superintendent about taking it out. Mr. Wilt will talk with the County Highway superintendent to see what the actual rules are for individuals taking their own garbage and recyclables to the transfer station.
The board approved a resolution to remove the dumpster from the Town Highway garage yard until further notice.
WHEREAS: The Town of Arietta has an agreement with the FAA and NYSDOT to continue with the scheduled projects outlined in the Airport Capital Improvement Plan for Piseco Airport, and
WHEREAS: the scheduled project for 2020 is the Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation and have received from our Engineers, McFarland and Johnson, Inc an application for Federal Aviation Administration Grant funding and has applied for said funding, and
WHEREAS: The Town of Arietta having applied for the Rehabilitation grant now authorizes the Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation, and
WHEREAS: the Town of Arietta has reviewed all bids submitted with the Town of Arietta engineers, McFarland and Johnson for the Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation and have selected the award of the contract to Baseline King Corp. the lowest in the amount of $418,561.88 in accordance with the conditions of award stipulated in their bid, and
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: that the Town Board, Town of Arietta approves the Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation and accepts the contractor Baseline King Corp. as the lowest bidder in the amount
$418,561.88, and
FURTHER RESOLVED: that the Town Board, Town of Arietta does authorize the Town Supervisor to execute all necessary documents and contracts on behalf of the Town of Arietta with the above contractor, FAA and NYSDOT for the Piseco Airport Airfield Lighting Rehabilitation
Supervisor Rick Wilt reported he talked to the Piseco Lake Dam engineer about coming up with a cost of fixes to the dam so he can give cost numbers to FEMA. The engineer will try to send a structural engineer up next week to do that part and he will take pictures of the environmental issues to take back and send to an environmental engineer.
Jacqui Grier reported that all the equipment has been put away for the season.
Doug Stobo had nothing to report. Mr. Wilt said the engineer is working on plans for the new highway garage and salt shed. The board may have to have a short meeting before the end of this month to approve moving forward with a grant offering for the salt shed.
Christ Wilt had nothing to report.
Sarah Rudes had nothing to report. Mr. Wilt talked with the highway superintendent today and they are going to order a new beam for the dam which should be within a week. He is also going to talk to Bill Grier to get new boards as most of them have been lost. He wants to get the boards in as soon as possible.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Kenneth Parslow, Town Clerk.

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