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Town of Indian Lake to help One Stop

ILTB May 11 2020

Town of Indian Lake to help One Stop
INDIAN LAKE—When the Indian Lake Town Board met on May 11 and after holding an Executive Session to discuss legal issues, Supervisor Brian Wells made a motion to use the Towns revolving loan fund to accept Adirondack One Stop's application for $325,000 for installing fuel pumps and tanks. The interest rate to be set at the current US (Federal) Prime Rate of 3.25%. Seconded by Councilwoman Stanton. All were in favor and the motion carried.
Councilwoman Stanton made a motion for the Town Supervisor and the Principal Account Clerk to develop and offer a deferred payment option on all loans presently held through the Town's Revolving Loan Fund to eligible borrowers. Seconded by, Councilwoman Curry. All were in favor and the motion carried.
Supervisor Wells made a motion to allow the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce to move into the Byron Park Building temporarily to help facilitate a smooth transition for Colleen Delcore to relocate to existing Chamber building. Seconded by, Councilman Rathbun.
Councilman Mahoney made a motion to have the Supervisor write a letter, denying Bark Eater Designs exclusive rights to Town Logo. Seconded by, Councilwoman Stanton. All were in favor and the motion carried.
The Executive Session took place at the end of the meeting. What follows took place before the Executive Session.
Councilwoman Stanton asked Bill Laprairie, Department Head of Building and Maintenance, if it would be possible to improve the signage that is put on the snowmobile trials for next year using the new Town Logo. While certain signs must remain as is, per State requirements, others can be changed, and Bill and Councilman Mahoney will work on this for next year. Councilwoman Curry also asked them to put Town destinations on the signs.
Councilwoman Stanton questioned if the Community Action's food pantry was solvent. Supervisor Wells stated that although there was an increase in participants, he thought all was good. He stated that he would be speaking with Debbie, Community Action Director, to make sure and to check to see if there were any difficulties with funding. He also reported to the Board that they would only have the freezer that was loaned to them until July. This may be something that will need to be discussed in the future. Councilman Rathbun questioned the annual "Trash Day". Supervisor Wells stated he would need to speak with the County first, he stated we may need to reschedule.
Glen VanNorstrem told the Board about a GPS AP for mobile phones that could enhance rescue calls. He feels this could be a great tool and now it cannot be used. Supervisor Wells asked Glen to email the AP to him. Supervisor Wells questioned if this was part of the Hamilton County's snowmobile Ap through Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) Darrin stated that this Ap is similar. Supervisor Wells also stated that we are working on a GPS map with CAP 21 at this time.
Brenda Valentine, President of the CDC (Community Development Corporation) reported to the Board that there are going to be numerous Webinars coming up for business owners that North Country Chamber of Commerce is offering. These webinars will help walk business owners through, what to do, how to do it and when to do it concerning the new guidelines to reopening. She stated that they would be getting this out to all businesses. Brenda also stated that the CDC and the Blue Mt. Center would be sending out another bulk mailing of business services. She stated that we have increased the number of services in the Town from 15 to 25. She stated that the free mask giveaway is going well. Brenda thanked the North Country Crafters for spear heading this. They have utilized their members and those that are not members to come together and make masks.
Supervisor Wells asked if those webinars were a requirement to reopen businesses.
Her answer was as far as she knows, yes.
Councilman Curry questioned the Chamber Minutes concerning the Chamber building. Supervisor Wells clarified that the Town owns the property, but the Chamber owns the building.
Andy Coney let the Board know that the annual Canoe Race and the SK Race may not be happening this year. He stated that they were hoping the climate improves, but if it needed to be decided today, both races would be canceled. Supervisor Wells stated that recreational activities are falling under the 4th phase of reopening. He also stated that beaches are being held to a higher standard as well.
Supervisor Wells reported that he had done the Tax Collector's Audit and found it to be all good.
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that he had a request from the Blue Mt. Lake Association to put in a light in the bathrooms in Blue Mt. The cost of the electric bill, which is about $70 a year, would be paid for by the Blue Mt. Lake Fire District 2. Supervisor Wells stated that at this time all restrooms and beaches were closed therefore no work could be done on it at this time.
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that he had received a letter of thanks from the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that Debbie Ameden, Director of Community Action, had sent an update. He stated that the amount of supplied services doubled through March and April. He thanked Debbie and Darci and all the volunteers for their help. He also stated that a freezer was loaned to them and they had until July.
Supervisor Wells also reported to the Board that Susan had submitted a draft plan for reopening the library when possible.
Supervisor Wells reported he had purchased more masks and was handing them out to employees when needed.
Supervisor Wells explained to the Board that he had only received one bid for the groomer but heard after the fact that more bids had been sent out, but we did not receive them. He stated for that reason he would like to reject the bid and go back out to bid. The Board supported going back out to bid.
Supervisor Wells made a motion to go back out to bid for the Groom and the Water and Sewer Department truck, changing it from a 2020 truck to a 2021truck. Seconded by, Councilman Rathbun.
Roll Call: Councilman Mahoney Councilwoman Stanton Councilwoman Curry Councilman Rathbun Supervisor Wells approved.
Supervisor Wells reported to the Board that he had held a meeting with the Department Heads and discussed this year and preparing for next year. He stated that we will be watching what is being spent this year.
Supervisor Wells told all that rafting season is currently on hold. They are hoping to start up end of June beginning of July depending on the Governors directives.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that due to the public health crises "Our Mart" has been removed from the transfer station. He stated that we could not take the risk of transferring anything. Reopening this will be discussed later.
Supervisor Wells stated that at this time the annual "Trash Day" will be postponed and we can do it later in the fall.
Supervisor Wells stated he had been going through the Events Coordinators contracts and has only found one for Bad Chaperones. This will be researched more.
Discussion concerning Memorial Day. This is something that will need to be thought about and discussed. Beach houses and youth programs are closed right now. One application was received for the Lifeguard position.
Supervisor Wells also reported to the Board that he had opened the Byron Park Pavilion for basketball with social distancing in place.
Supervisor Wells reported that the 2019 Adirondack Park's annual report was in. He told all that they he had concerns that they are down three Commissioners.
Supervisor Wells stated that he had received information from the US Dept. of Commerce, Beth Gillis, stating that they have 1.5 billion dollars available for communities that have been affected by the pandemic. He stated he would send on to Brenda Valentine, CDC, to look over.
Discussion held on opening the Town Hall. We will be going by what our Insurance Company and the Governor tell us.
Discussion held on the Census program and the importance of everyone filing. Discussion was held on getting the information out to everyone again.
Councilwoman Stanton suggested looking for volunteers to dig up the daffodils that were planted along the Adirondack Dam by the school many years ago. She stated this cannot be done until they are done blooming. She stated that once the work begins on the Dam these will be dug up and removed. She stated she hates to see them be taken away as they can be dug up and the bulbs placed in storage until they can be replanted.
Councilwoman Curry stated that the Snowarriors have offered their help with any events being held in the future.
Councilwoman Curry stated the Weed District has Bogs that need to be removed and that the Bogs had done some damage to a property. Supervisor Wells stated he was aware of this and has told those involved to write up a proposal and have all Wee District Board Members sign it and the Board can move on from there. This was regarding Bog removal as well as damaged property.
Councilwoman Curry questioned the Stewarts project. Supervisor Wells stated that it is still moving forward.
Councilwoman Curry stated that she had been told by some constituents that they were feeling left out, or that not enough information was coming out of the County concerning this pandemic. Supervisor Wells will take this concern to the County. Councilwoman Curry also asked Supervisor Wells if he could let the County know that their phone Ap is not mobile friendly and needs an update.
Councilwoman Curry also questioned testing in Hamilton County as we need a certain number of tests done before we can open. Supervisor Wells stated this is being worked on and will speak to Erica Mahoney, Director of the Hamilton County Public Health Department.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Town Clerk, Julie Clawson.

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