Tuesday, November 24, 2020

 WCS BOE November 18 2020

COVID threatens Wells Central School


WELLS—The Wuhan China Virus is threatening Wells Central School. Wells Central Superintendent Thomas D. Sincavage reported at the Board of Education meeting held on November 18 that southern Hamilton County has seen an increase in COVID-19 cases. The state has broken down areas by color coded zones (see https://forward.ny.gov/) based on the infection rate. With the increase in cases the school is close to entering the yellow zone which has a 4% infection rate. Schools can be open in a yellow zone, but additional requirements are required of the school. Sincavage is working very closely with the department of public health to make sure that schools can safely remain open.

Schools in the northern zone are not currently under threat.

Sincavage went on to report the Capital Project is almost complete. Contractors are still working on a few punch-list items. Sincavage met with the fiscal advisors and the architects to discuss the completion of the project, which is on time and under budget. He then reviewed the enrollment report which stands at 148 students.


Jeremy J. Siddon reviewed the Principal’s Report. He has completed all required evaluations and observations required for APPR. He then gave the quarterly update on the Harvard Grant which targets absenteeism. The next phase of the grant targets career and college readiness. Mr. Siddon is in the final stages of getting two 3d printers for the district. Once they are here and training is complete, he hopes to be able to incorporate curriculum in the computer/technology department.


The Wells Central School Board of Education approved the classifications, recommendations and programs for the following students:982420095,982420381,71930001,982420546, 982420434, 982420172, 9824206, 98242053, and 982420505 on a motion made by Ken Hoffman, second by Dorman Reese, and carried 5-0.

Approval of the October 21, 2020 Minutes

October Treasurer’s Report

October Warrant 1-31, 2020: General fund - $145,650.94 Federal – $1,120.00, School Lunch $6,445.09 and T and A - $216,311.73

Appropriation Status Report

Revenue Status Report

Hamilton County Agreement for Preschool Special Education Services

The Wells Central School Board approved the Tax Collector’s Report as presented and prepared by Tax collector, Kathy Simons and dated November 18, 2020 on a motion made by Ken Hoffman and seconded by Rachel Lauria and carried 5-0.

The Wells Central School Board of Education recessed to Executive Session at 6:15 p.m. for the purpose of discussing specific personnel matters on a motion made by Ken Hoffman seconded by Rachel Lauria and carried 5-0.

The Wells Central School Board of Education returned to Open Session at 6:36 p.m. on a motion made by Dorman Reese, seconded by Ken Hoffman, and carried 5-0.

The Wells Central School Board of Education approved the addition of names of Sean O’Brien as a substitute bus driver, Jessica Berju and Tyler Cline as non-certified teacher substitutes to the 2020/2021 List of Substitutes pending fingerprint clearance on a motion made by Ken Hoffman, seconded by Rachel Lauria, and carried 5-0.

This article is based upon the minutes of Rachelle Dwyer District Clerk.

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