Tuesday, December 29, 2020

.Arietta Town Board closes out the year with a short meeting

 Arietta TB December 21 2020

Arietta Town Board closes out the year with a short meeting.


ARIETTA--Supervisor Rick Wilt stated the meeting was held to approve the end of the 2020-year bills.

The board paid the highway bills as follows: Highway Fund: no. 691-698 for a total of $7,651.26.

Wilt said the general fund bills will be approved with a motion by email due to a copy error and the unavailability to the Town Board members before the next meeting.


The board set the Organizational Meeting date for 2021 on January 4, 2021 at 5 pm.


Highway Superintendent Craig Small reported he is still missing a truck that was on order, and the bill will not be paid out of this year’s budget. He would like to take the money out the fund balance next year so that we can pay for that truck, so it will not mess up next year’s budget. The funds have already been allocated for that truck.

Supervisor Wilt said when the truck gets here next year, they will make a motion and move the money around to pay for the truck.

This article is based upon the minutes of Marion Parslow, Deputy Town Clerk.

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