Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crazy government vs. crazy people

I don't know where you stand but I think we are all going nuts.
We might not agree on this, that or the other thing but I think we can all agree these are strange times.
Energy prices are rising and we are told this is because the economy is improving. At the same time we are told inflation is flat. Go figure.
Health Care. Apparently some kind of bill will pass today or soon. Maybe you are for it or maybe you are against it but I think we can agree doctors, hospitals, medicine and the cost of insurance is way too high.
If you want free health care, your best choices are to get elected or sent to jail. I guess this is because our elected officials want to be covered in our out of office.
Cigarettes. I am a smoker and have been smoking for 50 years. I seldom go to the doctor and I am hardly ever sick enough to stay home. I am not saying you should smoke if you want to stay as healthy as me. I am saying all forms of booze is far more dangerous than cigarettes. So why are cigarettes tax so much higher than beer, wine and whiskey? I know the answer. It's because the government wants money and thinks it is easier to frisk smokers. Anti-smoking is replacing Christianity as the main religion.
One more rant.
Why is it that American men are about the only men in the world who go to the beach wearing long, baggy shorts instead of briefs? The men want the women to wear skimpy swim suits that show as much as the law will allow but they are afraid to show what they have or don't have.
Speaking of what the law allows, why is it that men can go topless but the women can't. Sounds like discrimination to me!

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