Saturday, March 27, 2010

RC sex scandle

There are two forms of morality. One is secular and the other is spiritual.
Sometimes the two coincide. Other times the two are in opposition.
In the case of these RC sex scandals, the two moralities can be in conflict.
In my opinion, those who believe/know they have been victimized should report the problem to the police, not the church. I also believe the church should tell people to report the problem to the police and not say,"We'll look into it."
To make my point as clear as possible - if you have been shot, raped or robbed by a priest, go to the cops. Don't go complain to the Church.
The Church is not an extension nor is it an arm of the criminal justice system.
If I were to go to a priest and confess that I committed murder, rape or robbery, he might suggest I turn myself in but would never make it a requirement for me to be forgiven before God.
I know many people do not like this but for it to be otherwise would be a violation of the separation between church and state.
By the way, while I do not have the same right to secrecy before the law as does a priest and while the legal justice system would argue I must inform them of any wrong doing done by anyone, on a spiritual moral level I do not have any such obligation. On a secular level I do have the obligation. On a spiritual level I do not have an obligation.
These differences between the secular (sometimes called the mundane) and the spiritual are part of what makes life interesting.

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