Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Indian Lake seeks new building codes officer

ILTB August 12 2019

Indian Lake seeks new building codes officer
By Pete Klein
BLUE MNT LAKE--The Indian Lake Town Board held its once a year meeting at the Blue Mt. Lake Fire Hall on August 12.
The only resolution passed at the meeting was the resolution to accept the resignation from building codes officer Peter Ghostlaw.
Ghostlaw took over the position shortly after Meade Hutchins retired in 2016. The town is now advertising to fill the position.
Water/Wastewater Superintendent Kevin King reported testing was completed daily at all plants. Monthly samples were submitted to CNA lab.
The UV system at the wastewater plant was cleaned at least weekly sometimes more.
The sewer main at ILCS was replaced. The school is getting a new parking lot, so this was the time to replace it.
We cleaned the drying bed out.
Our office building at the wastewater plant was painted.
We had our annual DOH inspection. This time Marlene brought 2 interns and her boss from Albany. The inspections seemed to go well.
One of the dehumidifiers at the water plant in IL had to be fixed, so while they were here, we had them service both units.
One of our wells was having issues. We called Arvid, our computer guy, and he found the problem, but we are still waiting on the device cards.
The clear wells at the IL plant were drained and cleaned.
A lot of time was spent in Blue Mt. doing locates for the road job. We started another round of flushing, mostly side roads.
Bill LaPrairie reported that July was a busy month mowing for Parks and Recreation. We mowed all Town properties twice including the cemeteries in both Blue and Indian lake, the transfer site, and the shooting range.
At the Benton cemetery we had an emergency burial and while digging the grave we came across two large rocks that we were unable to move with our equipment. The Water Dept came down with their backhoe and they were able to get the rock out, together with our equipment we were able to put it in the bucket of the loader. We then pushed them down into the woods. Due to the size of the hole we built a form to slip around the vault area so we could backfill. After the service we pulled the form, filled in the grave and seeded.
We do our Blue and Indian lake garbage runs every Tuesday and Friday, we monitor the dam and we have made repairs to the beach, setting new anchors and fixing ropes that go to the dock. With the loss of Donald at the transfer site we have been filling in three days a week, helping to pull trailers and taking care of our recycling.
Byron Park has been busy every weekend with events, Fourth of July, poker paddle, and the Adirondack Challenge, plus the regular weekend parties.
We have put up banners for all events and set up and cleaned up after the challenge and Fourth of July fireworks.
During the Challenge, we took our loader and excavator to the touch a truck program. Pines country store let us use power for the block party, we put up tents power and picnic tables and cleaned up when event was over. We fixed a broken door and put up handicap signs before the Challenge, replaced a few boards on the deck and added ramps for handicap accessibility.
We are still working on the sewer pumps at the park, We have installed new floats and are waiting on the motors to arrive, we received two that were the wrong style we are trying to see if what we are looking for is available or if we have to adapt.
Moved equipment to Blue Mountain Lake and spread 26 yards of wood chips in the new playground.
At the library, we installed our second toilet, we started working on library benches. Three oak benches with a charging station will be added to the library when the project is complete.
We have made parts runs to Glens Falls and Chestertown for parts for the van and parts for our mowers.
Worked on a broken phone line at the Indian Lake museum that would not allow Mahoney Notifier to communicate.
With the alarm system, rewired box from alarm to outside connection, ran a test and system is back up. At the ski hut our fuel tank has started leaking. We contacted J&R Eldridge. They plan on replacing the tank as soon as possible, we have poured a new slab and are waiting for everything to be replaced.
We did a food pick up in Glens Falls for community action with almost 7,000 pounds of food, two trucks and two trailers, we unloaded it when we got back to Indian Lake.
The next regular town board meeting will be held on Monday September 9 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall in Indian Lake.

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