Friday, August 2, 2019

Long Lake Health Insurance rates going up

LLTB July 31 2019

Health Insurance rates going up
By Pete Klein
RAQUETTE LAKE--The Long Lake Town Board met on July 31 in the Raquette Lake School gym where Long Lake Town Supervisor Clark Seaman reported on a meeting he had with Tish of Burnham Benefit Advisors. He said. “We met with Burnham Benefit Advisors on July 9. We were informed that we are currently looking at a 7.2% increase across the board for the cost of health insurance premiums this year.
Seaman also spoke about a Transfer Station roll-off container, saying, “I approved the purchase of a new roll-off container for the Transfer Station for $6,200. The amount budgeted for this item in the 2019 Budget is $7,750.
This is an annual service agreement for alarms at the Archives Building, Town Hall and Medical Building. The cost of inspection and maintenance services remains the same at $1,400 per year. There is an increase in hourly prevailing wage rates for 2019 from $119 to $123 an hour an increase of $4.00 per hour. After hours weekends and holidays at $184.50 per hour is an increase of $6.00 from $178.50. Prevailing wages rates are dictated by NYS. Service rates not relative to prevailing wage rates remain the same at $80 per hour and $120 for after hour, weekend and holiday services.
Paul Rasmussen requested an adjustment to his water bill. He has two properties. One parcel is a vacant lot, However, according to the Water Superintendent, Keith Austin there is a yard hydrant located on the property with a garden hose attached to it.
Rasmussen is currently being charged a Standard rate $170 and Rasmussen would like this bill reduced to Vacant Lot status with a fee of $48. Rasmussen states that in the past they have paid $75 for this parcel which would be a Vacant Building Fee. The previous water bills were reviewed by the town board and it was determined that Rasmussen paid $170 for this service in 2018 and 2017 and $120 in 2016. These are the rates for a Standard service.
The board agreed to not approve the adjustment; therefore the rate was not changed.
Robert C. Roche requested an adjustment for his property at 268 Kickerville Lane. Roche indicates that this property has been vacant for 2 years. The board reviewed this request and determined that it met the criteria for vacant building status and an adjustment to Vacant Building Status was approved.
The Long Lake Court is again applying for a JCAP Grant - Justice Court Assistance Program. This requires a motion in support from the Town Board. This grant would be used to purchase replacement equipment for the Court such as; a printer, a copier, and/or a fax machine.
The board passed the following resolution: “Resolved that the Town of Long Lake Town Board supports the Town Justices applying for a grant to purchase office equipment for the Town Justice Court.”
The E911 Coordinator and E911 Committee recommended the addition of the newly named “Sugarloaf Way” to the list of Official Town Roads.
The board passed a resolution to add Sugarloaf Way to the List of Official Town Roads.
Councilman Richard Dechene said there doesn’t appear to be a problem with people tying boats up to the Town Dock for extended periods of time this year and he said was glad to see that.
Councilman Dean Pohl reminded everyone that Durant Days is being held this weekend in Raquette Lake, Aug. 2 through Aug. 4. He invited everyone to come.
The next Town Board meeting will be held on August 28 at 7:30 P.M. in the Long Lake Town Hall.

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