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Roads and parking dominate Inlet meeting

Inlet TB August 13 2019

Roads and parking dominate Inlet meeting
By Pete Klein
When the Inlet Town Board met on August 13, all things regarding roads and traffic were high on the agenda.
Highway Superintendent Hansen reported on the numerous projects/work being done in town. He stated that they hauled and spread gravel in the Moose River Plains (MRP), chip sealed Uncas Road, installed culverts, work done on end of Limekiln Lake Road, MRP to the Rock Dam is open, graded Evans Road, Gilbert Road and Uncas Road. He thanked Heather and Jerry Levi and the Marina for use of the trailer and ramp.
Hansen had contacted the State regarding changing some of the numerous crosshatch spots through town. Nothing can be changed per federal guidelines.
Supervisor John Frey added that many have asked about the possibility of more crosswalks through town. It has been investigated and for the flow of traffic, no additional crosswalks can be added at this time.
Peggy Brownell asked about extending town parking lot because of the parking issues in town. That is still being discussed, in addition to someone securing the lot in front of The Wood’s Inn to secure more public parking.  Discussion regarding parking issues followed.
Frey read a letter from the DOT stating that they performed the requested speed study on Uncas Road and because of the road being dirt/loose gravel in part, they will not post a speed limit at all because the limit may still be considered unsafe.
Hansen stated that more work will be done in MRP, they will assist Parks with the new roof on the town hall, install a culvert in the turn around on Gilbert Road and numerous other projects are scheduled before winter.
There have been many issues still with too many people parking on Sixth Lake Road, causing congestion.
Councilman Townsend made a MOTION to pass the resolution read by Supervisor Frey prohibiting parking trailers on Sixth Lake Road.
The motion was approved.
Supervisor Frey added that trailer parking is permitted in Fern Park. Superintendent Hansen will secure more signs making the parking regulation clear.
Peter Funk reported that a resident had dialed 411 in Eagle Bay to determine transfer station that would serve him, and it told him the Inlet Transfer Station.  We will investigate this issue.
Hours for transfer station are still 9-6 closed for lunch from 12-1, open 7 days a week. After Labor Day, we will go back to a staff of 2.
Received the new 30-yard container
Superintendent Hansen added what a great job the employees have been doing at the recycling center, members of the public concurred.
Chief Ron Johnston spoke regarding comments/complaints that parking tickets need to be written. He explained his officers have been diligent about writing parking tickets and are writing many. He added that he would really appreciate a phone call to the police department with any complaints/concerns regarding public safety or police presence. Chief Johnston added that he would appreciate the communication through his office, rather than on social media. He understands the frustrations and they are doing their best not to scare off tourism by writing everyone an infraction, but certainly wants to have presence for public safety.
If you have any issues for the police department, please call 315-357-6699 and he will be happy to discuss your concerns.
Peggy Brownell asked why an officer drove by a tractor trailer parked halfway in the road. Chief Johnston explained that oftentimes they are responded to a call or complaint and cannot write a ticket at that time.
Supervisor Frey added that he has asked employees to not post negative comments on social media.
Codes/Zoning Officer Aimee VanWie reported that the new boat storage building on Corr Road was approved and met all requirements. There were concerns about the increase in traffic and use of that road. It will be seasonal increases and measures are being taken to not cause damage to the road for residents further down.
The master plan is about finished and should be ready for a public hearing regarding the changes on September 10 at 7:45 pm.
Councilman Brownsell made a motion to hold a public hearing regarding the master plan on September 10 at 7:45 pm.
The motion was approved.
Supervisor Frey would like to thank everyone involved in the hard work on the Master Plan. The Master Plan is available on the Town of Inlet Govt website.  Gary Zawatski added that he thinks that the new items of the Master Plan should be in bold or highlighted so the public can find what changes are proposed.  Councilman Brownsell stated that he would really like to see us discuss and consider some type of light pollution ordinance.
C&S and Hamilton County still doing studies and research to file for an APA permit to get any height above the 90 ft tower currently being proposed. The APA will never give permission for a 200 ft. tower, but anything we can get above 90 is desired.  Looking to have engineers put the proposed towers in pictures to file for the permit. 
CAP 21
6th LAKE BOAT DOCK - Working on getting plans and 3 bids to submit to the NYS Comptroller’s office for approval to submit to DEC for new dock design.
Town Clerk Yvonne Lutz read a Thank You Card from CTS for our continued support, read a letter from Erik Grimm thanking the Town for the new tree in Fern Park in memory of his mother, a letter from John Kalil with his agenda for the flag raising ceremony for the town flag in memory of Peter Kalil, Sr.  and a letter from FCLA asking for continued support.
Frey reported on the need to obtain more info regarding the metes and bounds of Gilbert Road and need to update our abstract for the land swap with David Corisanti, at a cost of about $700.
The well driller stated that the casing on the current well is acceptable and will do what is needed to get a well certification for the DOH
It was reported the town is moving forward with material and replacing a portion of the Town Hall roof that is needed.
Gary Zawatski recommended that we have signage that states we have overflow parking at Fern Park available.  Peggy Brownell stated she would love to see a Farmers Market/Flea Market at Fern Park.  Supervisor Frey stated that residents should attend the Fern Park committee meetings, which discusses future ideas of the park. 
Peggy Brownell asked about a fencing off the problem area, just as she has seen it done in Stillwater.  Councilman Levi asked if we could obtain a nuisance trapper.
Peggy Brownell asked how we are moving forward on the Townsend Trail. We are still looking to secure two easements beyond Deerwoods Drive. She asked how far we can go at this point and Superintendent Hansen answered that we are working on securing easements and waiting for paving to be completed.
Supervisor Frey thanked Peggy Brownell for her information on the South Inlet bridge. The State still has the work slated and is a $6.7 Million project. Supervisor Frey mentioned that the topcoat is supposed to be done by the end of August and at that time, should know if they extend the culvert at Bottle Creek. Superintendent Hansen has reached out to DOT to discuss the culvert extensions.
After holding an executive session, a motion was made by Councilman Townsend that there will be no food or drink (except water) permitted in the meeting room, SECONDED by Councilman Levi
The motion carried.
The Senior Room can be used if needed for food and beverage.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Yvonne Lutz, Town Clerk.

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