Thursday, August 1, 2019

Lake Pleasant makes appointments

LPTB July 1 2019

Lake Pleasant makes appointments
By Pete Klein
Lake Pleasant—When the Lake Pleasant Town Board met on July 1, the board made two appointments.
The first was passing a resolution to reappoint Daniel Fyffe to the position of assessor: “WHEREAS: Daniel Fyffe, a Hamilton County employee was appointed as the Town of Lake Pleasant Assessor on January 17, 2017, by Town of Lake Pleasant, and  WHEREAS: ON, or by September 30, 2019 this appointment is in need of being updated by order of Hamilton County
THEREFORE, it is Resolved: The Town Board of the Town of Lake Pleasant hereby approves the reappointment of Daniel Fyffe as the Town of Lake Pleasant Assessor, an employee of Hamilton County where a charge back of forty percent (40%) of his salary will be the responsibility of the Town of Lake Pleasant.
A letter was received from Tom Connolly, Planning Board Chairman, stating that Barbara Tracy, a member of the Planning Board is retiring. He has suggested Matthew Seifts to fill her vacancy.
The board passed a resolution to appoint Matthew Seifts to fill the vacancy of Planning Board Member Barbara Tracy, term of office until 12/31/19.
Highway Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported his crew has been mowing and getting all cemeteries ready for numerous funerals. Lavarnway said he and Town Clerk Deborah O’Rourke are working together to update all the information into the Cemetery computer program.
The Sacandaga Pathway grass has been cut back along the walking path. The crew has started work on 700 feet of the upper part Longview Drive which will eventually be blacked topped. Ditching is still being done on Old Indian Lake Road to get ready for paving in August or September.
Lavarnway said all towns got their CHIP’s money this year full reimbursement to the Town of Lake Pleasant was $17,000. The new Tandem truck has arrived.
Account Clerk Kathy Aird has been having a hard time getting the present auditor Dick Dinolfo to come to the Town Hall suggestion was made to maybe find another auditor.
Supervisor Dan Wilt has a list of 14 certified accounts. Councilperson Nancy Seifts heard of some of the names on the list and is willing to serve on a committee with Supervisor Wilt to find a new auditor.
Code Enforcement Officer Robert Benkovich gave his year’s permit activity to date, there were 22 permits issued in the Town of Lake Pleasant as of June 30, 2019.
Robert Peck told Superintendent Lavarnway that the Town sign south of the Village needs branches to be cut back you can hardly see the sign. Lavarnway said he would take care of it.
Supervisor Wilt reported $750 million is up for grabs statewide as well as $10 million in Downtown Revitalization Initiative funding.
Adirondack Lakes Alliance, and Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program, which all work to eradicate invasive plants, will be here to look at the pondweed situation at Cherry Beach with Leigh Walrath from the APA.
Councilperson Nancy Seifts reported that there is a new business in Town, Amorici Vineyard at the Yellow Barn and is open on weekends.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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