Monday, December 2, 2019

Highway issues dominate Benson Town Board meeting

Benson TB Nov 19 2019

Highway issues dominate Hope Town Board meeting
HOPE—The Hope Town Board held a Special and then a Regular Meeting on November 19.
Public Present included Mr. & Mrs. Horton, Mr. VanGorder and Ms. Peggy Booth.
The Special meeting began with Peggy Booth answering questions regarding NBT Insurance Agency and Policies.
After listening to her and after a brief discussion, Supervisor John Stortecky made a motion that he be allowed to contact Burnham Insurance Advisors to place George on their Gold policy and ask questions for the Hortons regarding out of state medical care and urgent care. It was 2nd by Doug Gregor and approved by all.
The Regular Meeting continued with Highway Superintendent George Blowers reporting the new truck is back and doing fine.
A resolution authorizing the Highway Superintendent to Advertise and Hire a second Highway Maintenance Worker was Tabled.
A resolution Authorization to Transfer Additional Funds of $44,226 for the Down Payment on 2020 Freightliner Truck, Statutory Installment Bond, Closing and Signature Guarantee Certificate was offered by Supervisor John Stortecky to proceed with certificate. It was 2nd by Charles Biche and approved by all.
Davide Pincombe made a motion for the Supervisor to sign the Arbitrage and Use of Proceeds Certificate. It was 2nd by Dave Rogers and approved by all.
A resolution to Amended Resolution For The Town of Benson For The Purpose of Financing A Plow Truck Through Issuance of A Statutory Installment Bond was moved by John Stortecky; 2nd Dave Rogers and approved by all.
Stortecky moved that he be allowed to sign Statutory Installment Bond US of America, State of NY, County of Hamilton. It was 2nd by Charles Biche and approved by all.
Stortecky moved that he be allowed to sign contract with the town of Hope for salt and sand mix. It was 2nd by Doug Gregor and approved by all.
Doug feels town hall building needs serious repairs and town garage needs siding.
David wishes a grant writer would be hired to see if there are any grants available to pay for the work involved on this elderly municipal building.
It was suggested that Judge Feldstein needs to be on future agenda
The board entered a Public Hearing on Local Law # 5 of 2019, a local concerning a Residency Requirement of Appointed Officials.
No one for the Public Present.
Without comment, the local law was moved by J. Stortecky; 2nd by D. Rogers and approved by all.
The board held an Executive Session on current litigation of Fernandez vs. Benson. No Action was taken.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes provided by Benson Town Clerk Jeanne Cox.

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