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Indian Lake loses phone and internet services

ILTB Dec 9 2019

Indian Lake loses phone and internet services
INDIAN LAKE—When the Indian Lake Town Board met on December 9, Town Supervisor Brian Wells reported to all that the Town's phone system and Internet have been down since Friday. He stated we were patiently waiting for Frontier.
Councilwoman Pat Curry questioned Kevin King, Department Head of Sewer and Water, about the fire hydrants on Sawmill Road that are hooked into the Purdue property. Kevin explained that these were shut off.
Bill Laprairie, Department Head of Parks and Rec. thanked Kevin King for the use of the Water Departments Backhoe.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that he is continuing to collect the data for FEMA and asked all Department Heads to get their documentation in so we can possibly get a reimbursement from FEMA.
Supervisor Wells stated he had hoped Josselyn , Activities Coordinator, would have been at meeting so the Board could discuss with her the Fire Works for the 4th of July as the Adirondack Dam work should be beginning this year and we will not be able to use Byron Park. Other locations such as the Ski Tow or Causeway or Beach were discussed as well as shooting them off a barge. It was also discussed that the Fire Works would not be able to be held on the 4th as it falls on a Saturday and the company is already booked for that day. Discussion held on the date to hold them. This was tabled.
Christine Pouch, Adirondack Lakes Center for The Arts Director, approached the Board, stating that they would once again be putting together the "Forever Snocade" concert which will be held at the Theater during Snocade which start s, February 22.
Supervisor Wells told all present that NYSEG would be doing some maintenance work in Blue Mt on the electric supply. He told all that it should only be a quick glitch when they turn it off and on.
Brenda Valentine, Christmas Country Tour Chair, thanked Jamie Roblee, Highway Superintendent, for putting up the Country Christmas Tour banners. She also thanked Bill Laprairie, Department Head of Parks and Rec., for the beautiful Christmas tree in the Town Park.
Supervisor Wells also asked Brenda Valentine if he could meet with the Chamber Board tomorrow at 10 a.m. She stated she would contact the Board Members and let him know.
Supervisor Wells congratulated Brenda Valentine for being invited to the REDC award s ceremony in Albany.
Councilwoman Curry told all that She, Councilwoman Stanton and Brenda Valentine had attended a symposium on rural communities. She told all that they had lots of information and she would be working on putting together a synopsis of that information and bring it before the Board.
The Town Board set the end of year meeting to be held on December 27, 2019 at 4 p.m. The Organizational meeting will be held on January 2, 2020 at 4 p.m.
Supervisor Wells stated that he had done the Water Bill Audit, and all was good.
Supervisor Wells made a motion to appoint Mary Jean Rathbun to the Library Board per the Library Boards recommendation. Seconded by, Councilwoman Curry.
The full board except for Councilman Rathbun (who abstained) approved.
Supervisor Wells reminded everyone that Governor Cuomo’s Bag Law goes into effect March 1, 2020.
Supervisor Wells made a motion to give a donation of $75 to the Northern Forestry Center.
All members of the board approved.
Supervisor Wells offered Resolution# 18 in the year 2019, to enter, the annual contract with North Country Life Flight in the amount of $100. Seconded by, Councilman Rathbun.
All members of the board approved.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that the Board had discussed putting in a car charging station at the Grand Union Park. He told all that Bill Laprairie would be meeting with a representative tomorrow to discuss this.
Supervisor Wells reported to all that the APA would be holding a meeting tomorrow to go over and hopefully pass our Zoning Ordinance. Neil Johnson, Chairman of the Planning Board asked about the timeline for the completion of the Ordinance. Supervisor Wells explained that once APA okays the updates the Board will look it over and then it goes back to the APA. Discussion held on the Public Hearing. Neil asked for a copy of the proposed changes. A copy will be made for him to look over.
Supervisor Wells gave the County Snow and Ice Removal Annual agreement to James Roblee, Highway Superintendent, to look over.
Supervisor Wells showed all present the trifold that the Five (5) Towns have been working on. Councilwoman Curry suggested putting a QR code on the trifold. This would allow visitors to click on the code and pull up the information on the trifold. This will be discussed at the next Five (5) Towns meeting.
James Roblee approached the Board stating the County Snow removal agreement was good. Supervisor Wells made a motion to sign the County Snow and Ice Removal Agreement for the 2019-2020 season. Seconded by, Councilman Clawson.
All members of the board approved.

Editor’s Note: This story is based upon minutes provided by Town Clerk Julie Clawson.

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