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Hope Town Board remembers Stephen Tomlinson

Hope TB Dec 9 2019

Hope Town Board remembers Stephen Tomlinson
HOPE—At the December 9 meeting of the Hope Town Board, the board noted the passing of Stephen Tomlinson, father of current Town Supervisor Steven Tomlinson, with the following proclamation: “On behalf of the Town of Hope Town Board and community members, we all would like to offer our condolences to the Tomlinson Family, now and in the days ahead, on the loss of Stephen Tomlinson.
“Mr. Tomlinson served as a Town of Hope Town Supervisor from 1993 thru 1995. One of his biggest accomplishments was the closing of the old town dump and creating what has been transformed as the current Transfer Station. This project took a lot of time, money, energy and manpower, and Mr. Tomlinson led the mandatory project all while continuing to balance the town’s financial structure. This took a lot of personal time and emotion to complete it with success as well. He did so with grace, knowing the benefit it would have for the Town of Hope’s future. He was a dedicated member of the Town of Hope community, never missing an event and always being part of what was going on. He was always willing to lend a hand and offer advice. The Town of Hope thanks Mr. Tomlinson for his dedication to his family, the military and his community. Our thoughts and prayers remain with his family during this difficult time.”
Supervisor Tomlinson stated the town board had earlier in the year approved the highway department to hire a third employee. Due to the retirement of an employee that position was never filled. He asked the town board, at the request of Superintendent Colson, to fill that vacancy.
Superintendent Colson went on to add that this position is needed for plowing, assisting in garbage pickup and brush cutting and removal. He added that there is also major roadwork ahead for the highway department in the spring and another person is needed to assist with that.
Supervisor Tomlinson also stated that this individual would be used at the Transfer Station to fill in any days off or if a vacancy became open there as well. The added position would allow for more reimbursement and would be a benefit to the highway department.
Town board members asked Superintendent when he would want this person to start. He responded that it would likely be after the first of the year. Since interviews just took place for an open position and that this is not a newly created position, Superintendent Colson will choose from that current list.
On a motion by Councilperson Mark Stuart, seconded by Councilperson William Witts, the following resolution was ADOPTED - Resolved was the approval for Superintendent to hire another employee to fill the current vacancy. The start time would be at his discretion.
Superintendent Colson explained why he feels he needs a new truck for the highway department. He stated that in the winter months when he must do garbage pickup, he uses his pickup truck because the truck used for the garbage has a sander on it. In order to use it, the sander must be removed each time. Many times, so far, it has been snowing enough to need that truck to sand roads, therefore the crew is using the Highway Superintendent pickup truck, which was designed for that use.
In talking with Supervisor Tomlinson, it was discovered that a dump insert can be purchased for the pickup truck. With this idea, Superintendent Colson would like to see the current Superintendent truck have one of these inserts put in and that truck would become a truck for the Transfer Station. Supervisor Tomlinson stated all maintenance and cost for that truck would then be moved over to the General side of the budget and the Highway Department would purchase a new Superintendent pickup truck.
Superintendent Colson presented the board with three quotes for both the insert and the new truck. This led to a discussion on the options available for both items and cost.
Councilperson Stuart asked that this discussion be continued next month. He added that over the next few weeks he would like to see other options available, such as a live box.
Superintendent Colson will look at obtaining information on these other options and present those to the board next month.
Highway Superintendent Zachery Colson presented the town board with the following report, “We have been busy this month fixing up roads from the flood event that we had. We have a large stockpile of crusher run, light stone fill and heavy stone fill that was hauled in and paid for by the State of New York. In the spring, we will be using this material to finish fixing the roads.
“We had our first major snowstorm. Most of our equipment performed perfectly. One piece of equipment did not. The sander on the Ram 5500 had a motor blow. It has since been replaced.
“We are currently in the process of putting a new 200-amp service at the pole barn.
Over the summer we lost power from the panel at the transfer station, so we decided to put a main service on this building.
“We received the new dumpster for the transfer station. We took the worst dumpster that we had and made it the new metal dumpster and put the new one into use as a garbage dumpster.
“All of the CHIPS paperwork was submitted before the deadline for the December
be seeing a check for the reimbursement sometime this month.”
Jill states Jason Berry from Derby Office Equipment came and did an annual service on the copier. There were no concerns with it. She also advises her office will be closed the week of Christmas and New Year’s and then she will be posting her new hours for tax season.
Supervisor Tomlinson states that Councilperson Dianna Downing updated the Employee Handbook. He thanked her for her efforts in doing so.
He also states that the payment due for 2020 to the NYS Retirement System has been paid in full.
Supervisor Tomlinson states the he signed the agreement with Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office to continue their role in handling the finances such as accounts payable and payroll.
Councilperson Mark Stuart asked what the mess with the bottles and cans is. It was reported that the Redemption Center has not been able to pick them up at this time. After some discussion on how to stop this mess from being made, it was agreed upon with Superintendent Colson that he would have a crew deliver the bottle and cans to the Redemption Center biweekly. As he states, this is a benefit for the Fire Department.
Councilperson William Witts thanks all for their efforts and hard work. He adds that he would all board members to donate for flowers and a card for the Tomlinson family on their loss of past Town Supervisor Stephen Tomlinson. All agreed.
Councilperson John Stuart Jr: Nothing new to add. Agrees with all said by other councilpersons.
Councilperson Dianna Downing: Will reach out to the owners of the Redemption Center with what was discussed.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon meeting minutes provided by Town Clerk Jill Dunham.

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