Saturday, June 13, 2020

Hope cemetery to be enlarged

Hope TB June 8 2020

Hope cemetery to be enlarged
HOPE—At the June 8 meeting of the Hope Town Board, Supervisor Steven Tomlinson stated that the town Highway crew have been removing trees to open land that is part of the cemetery. Next step is adding soil and sand to level the area out. Once all is complete, there may be up to 125-130 plots available. This is an important project to complete as the town was limited on available plots.
Highway Superintendent Zachery Colson is out of town for the week. Supervisor Tomlinson states that work is continuing the cemetery project. He states the Highway Department also cleared an area of old stumps at the transfer station, leveled the area and placed rocks.
Councilperson Dianna Downing asked if the area ton the Hope Falls Road that is bad is going to get fixed. Supervisor Tomlinson states that the county will let us repair that.
Supervisor Tomlinson added that garbage pickup continues. June is doing the garbage pickup and that seems to be going well. Clean Up week was a success.
Supervisor Tomlinson states there is nothing new to report. He states the town’s attorney is still waiting to hear from the Fire Department’s attorney. Chief Robinson will call their attorney again.
The board approved a resolution to open the public meeting regarding the cable TV franchise agreement between Time Warner Cable and the Town of Hope. There were no members of the public present.
The board then Resolved to close the public hearing regarding the cable TV franchise agreement between Time Warner Cable and the Town of Hope.
Present were Joann Robinson and Peter Robinson.
Peter Robinson explained an incident in which he received a flat tire due to nails in boards at the Transfer Station. He asked if such material should be going somewhere else. Councilperson mark Stuart asked if there were signs indicating brush only at the brush pile. Supervisor Tomlinson added there are ‘Brush Only’ signs as well as ‘Have Load Checked’. Supervisor Tomlinson will follow through with Superintendent Colson.
Supervisor Tomlinson advised there was no Code Officer report for this month.
Town Clerk Jill Dunham stated she issued a new 911 number to Harold Wood. She asked how the town would be made aware if someone was building a new house. Supervisor Tomlinson will ask Mr. Stewart for his protocol in issuing building permits.
Supervisor Tomlinson advised we were in Phase 2. There are no new cases since the last report a month ago. He provided a handout that included total number of people tested for COVID and Antibody tests. Things are progressing forward to reopening.
Town Clerk Jill Dunham advises she was notified in writing from DEC to discard of the license machine that was used to issue fishing and hunting licenses. She has been advised that all the towns and villages that are not issuing enough licenses will not be doing them anymore.
The Hamilton County Board of Elections has asked the towns with polling sites to provide paper towels and sanitizing spray for the election officers to use during the elections.
All pavilion reservations have been cancelled. Supervisor Tomlinson asked about putting the Porta Potty at the pavilion site. DeJong is no longer in business to put it there. He will call Harry Haile to see if he can place one there.
The Town Picnic planning will continue. The date has been set for September 13 from Noon – 4PM. Supervisor Tomlinson will see if Don Beach can do a chicken BBQ.

Respectfully submitted by Jill Dunham, Town Clerk

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