Thursday, July 9, 2020

Inlet approves new weapons for police.

Inlet TB June 9 2020

Inlet approves new weapons for police.
INLET—When the Inlet Town Board met on June 9, Supervisor John Frey reported the police department needs new service weapons. The repairs far exceed the cost of new. The cost is approximately $2,472.
Councilman Schmid made a MOTION to purchase new service weapons and Councilman Levi SECONDED. MOTION CARRIED
Chief Johnston is requesting to join another fund of the NYS Retirement system so that officers can carry their time over from another employer to our program. It would cost about $10,000. The quote the Town Clerk obtained is expired, therefore, another quote will be requested.
MOMENT OF SILENCE – Supervisor John Frey asked that we please have a moment of silence for Robert Egenhofer, who was involved in the Town in many ways, including our Park’s Department for many years and Dorothy Brigham who was at one time a Councilwoman for the Town of Inlet. Both will be sorely missed.
Supervisor Frey stated that the Public Hearing currently open to research and hear discussion regarding selling a small portion of land to the Townsend family that currently separates two of the parcel’s owned by the Estate of John Townsend remains open. The surveyor, John Deming, is working on the survey, however, nothing more to report currently.
Supervisor Frey reported that we have not moved into Phase 3 yet and he still does not want to open the town hall completely. It will remain open by appointment only. There is a recent medical issue with an employee, and we cannot risk his/her health. On June 18, the County was to administer more testing.
Dave Corasanti has a permit application with T-Mobile. However, he is not in favor of having two towers on his property, therefore, one will be on Corasanti property and the other on Peter Funk property, which we have received lease language for the lease with Peter Funk. The current plans are to have Herkimer 911 on the Corasanti tower and Hamilton County 911 with ATT for cell service on the Funk hill tower. The monies raised are held by CAP21 in an interest-bearing account. No funds have been spent of the funds raised to date. The hold-ups at this point have all been with engineering and obtaining permits.

Superintendent Hansen’s report provided is as follows: Hauled garbage and recyclables. Swept parking lots and town before the holiday weekend. Put up flags throughout town. Fixed a few spots and pulled some rocks on Uncas Rd. Fixed washouts on Townsend Trail. Blew leaves and raked MRP and got the Road open on time for the Memorial Day weekend. Went back in again and got the rest of the main corridor road cleared and opened. Dug in power line from our garage to new storage facility. Thanks again to JT for his guidance.
This week is brush and scrap metal pick up week. All brush is to be brought to the roadside. Call my office to get on the schedule. 315-357-4541 and leave a message.
Hauled in 1A stone for Uncas Rd chip seal. Thank you, Town of Long Lake, for hauling for us. Started to haul in gravel to be spread on Uncas Rd. Thank you Town of Long Lake for your assistance. Started doing some major regrading in front of our new storage facility. Thank you to the Town of Webb Highway Department for the use of their bulldozer. We hauled in some gravel for there as well to get the needed grades and pitches around the building.
Coming Up, we are going to be shimming the dip on Loomis Rd and paving an over lay on the road.
Tentatively on this Wednesday but that may change do to paving crew and blacktop plant scheduling. Chip sealing a section of Uncas Rd. Not sure when yet.
Paint the stripes in the town hall parking lot as well as the parking lot between the churches
Superintendent Hansen offered the following monthly report: Open 7 days a week from 8 am to 7 pm and closed from 12 to 1 daily for lunch. 2 full time staff are working opposite hours. Things are going well. The place is clean and orderly. Staff is keeping up with disinfecting in a timely matter. Looking to bring on part time staff within the next week or two for an extra set of hands to keep the tables clear and the line of customers moving smoothly
Park’s Supervisor, Mitch Lee, provided a monthly report attached to the agenda. In addition, Supervisor Frey welcomed Mike Bartolotti as our new Town Park’s employee. He is working out very well.
Assessor and Codes/Zoning Officer, Aimee VanWie provides a report each month and is available online and attached to the agenda packet
Publicity/Tourism Director, Adele Burnett provides a detailed monthly report online and is attached to agenda packet. In addition to past events and information about her department, this report will detail upcoming events.
Reported revenues for the month of May.
The Town Clerk asked the Board the policy on a prior retired employee who is now deceased. Does the spouse now have to pay for her coverage? The Board stated the policy is that they would.
The 6th and 7th Lake Association would like a permit for fireworks on their annual display this year. Councilman Brownsell made a MOTION to issue the permit for this year and Councilman Townsend SECONDED.
The Town Clerk asked for approval to begin renting cottages June 18 with precautions. Councilman Schmid made a MOTION to allow the rentals beginning June 18 and Councilman Levi SECONDED.
BEACH - Currently we do not have the beach health permit, however, expect it any day.
There will not be baseball this year, however, there will be swimming lessons and tennis lessons if we have the employees to do them.
Supervisor John Frey expressed the desire and importance to help with the funds needed to support the Health Center and keep Doctor Socash employed there. We used to support the Health Center in the amount of $17,000 and it may have to go back to that. Discussion followed on the possibilities. Supervisor Frey will continue to negotiate and enter discussions.
Joanne Kelly spoke that they have a plan to reopen the Library safely. Supervisor Frey asked if they want the tables yet. Joanne Kelly felt that not at this time.
Chris Biehn spoke on behalf of the Limekiln Association and their requests. Supervisor Frey asked Chris to get together with Superintendent Hansen to discuss ideas/requests. They would also like to use the community room for their meeting and Supervisor Frey felt that at this time, we need to limit gatherings/meetings in the community rooms.
Supervisor Frey reported that they sold Eagle Cliff to John Deming. The portion of the property will be donated to the town for a handicap trail. If nothing happens in 7 years, the property will revert to John Deming.
The school is looking for protection/insurance for the Community Garden that will be planted on that property. Also looking for a gate/fencing and road to the bottom of the hill. Connie Perry spoke regarding this and asked if the Board has any issues, which they stated they did not. Mary Catalino and Bruce O’Hara mapped out some areas where beds will be, and a plan will be forthcoming. Looking at pallets to make the raised beds. There is a current “Sunshine Project” that sunflower seeds are given to residents/business’ from Woodgate to Blue Mountain. If interested in seeds, please see Adele. Currently working on an agreement for anyone looking to use the Community Garden.
Supervisor Frey emphasized the need for social distancing on the trails, even though you are outside. Trails are very narrow, pull up your mask when coming upon people. Whether you believe that they are effective or not, they must be worn. “Now is not the time to let your guard down”. Supervisor Frey also thinks a face mask is a good reminder to social distance and think twice before doing something that jeopardizes someone else’s or your own safety. He strongly feels that regardless of what the CDC says, there are more reasons to wear a mask.
It was asked if the old service weapons would be turned it and stated that they will be.
Councilman Schmid asked if the Arts in the Park is still being held at this point and the thoughts on food service. Arts in the Park is still scheduled, and food does not seem to be an issue.
Councilman Levi expressed his concern about the lack of phone service in areas and the need for better services.

This article is based upon minutes provided by Yvonne Lutz, Town Clerk.

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