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County pays tribute to Sheriff’s Office

Supervisors Sept 5 2019

County pays tribute to Sheriff’s Office
By Pete Klein
When the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors met on September 5, it passed the following resolution to honor the Hamilton County Office of the Sheriff.
“WHEREAS, the Office of Sheriff has been an integral part of the criminal justice system in New York State and in Hamilton County throughout our history, having been established in the State’s first constitution in 1777 and having been continued in every succeeding constitution, and having been one of the original constitutional offices of our County, and
“WHEREAS, despite changes in its function, status and powers during its long history, the Office of Sheriff has maintained a continuous existence, preserved its distinguishing heritage, and continued to be an essential component of our criminal justice community, and
“WHEREAS, the Office of Sheriff has evolved into a modern, professional, full-service law enforcement agency, manned by fully trained police officers, using state-of-the-art technology and applying the latest and most advanced theories and practices in the criminal justice field, and
“WHEREAS, the Office of Sheriff is unique in the community, and the duties of the Office go far beyond the traditional role of “Keeper of the Peace,” and extend into many facets of public service, including maintaining the county jail, providing security in our courts, dispatching emergency services, and serving and executing civil process for our courts, and
“WHEREAS, as a constitutionally empowered entity directly responsible to the People, the ancient Office of Sheriff remains, even today, responsive and accountable to the public it serves, and
“WHEREAS, it is fitting to celebrate the historical contributions of the Office of Sheriff and the significant role that the Sheriffs play in our modern criminal justice system, therefore, be it
“RESOLVED, we, the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors do hereby proclaim September 22 to 28, 2019 to be Sheriffs’ Week in Hamilton County.”
Because the Hamilton County Assigned Counsel Panel Coordinator’s Office has employed an Administrative Assistant for two days a week to handle functions related to state reporting panel assignments, panel payments and county encumbrances and record keeping, and because the responsibilities of the Hamilton County Assigned Counsel Panel Coordinator are changing and increasing because the Coordinator is handling criminal defense of a significant percentage of defendants qualifying and being prosecuted in Hamilton County rather than assigning those defendants to an ever decreasing panel, and this creates additional in office workload to manage these criminal files including intake, phone calls, emails, scheduling management, discovery and motion practice, which workload is being absorbed by the Administrative Assistant, the Board of Supervisors ordered that the position of Administrative Assistant be increased to three days per week, and the County Treasurer be authorized to increase Account No. A1170.0102 Administrative Assistant by $1,470 to be totally offset by increasing Revenue Account No. A3025.0100 Public Defender/Coordinator by $1,470.
00 and the Assigned Counsel Panel Coordinator and Personnel Officer be so notified.
The board approved the Equalization Rates as set up by the Equalization Committee for the year 2019 as follows: Arietta – 100%; Benson – 93%; Hope – 93%; Indian Lake – 100%; Inlet – 100%; Lake Pleasant – 100%; Long Lake – 100%; Morehouse – 100%; Wells – 93%.
The board approved the County of Hamilton contract with Thomas J. Faughnan to prepare the indirect cost allocation program for the County of Hamilton for the fiscal years 2019 and 2020. The County shall pay and Thomas J. Faughnan agrees to accept the sum of $4,150 for the preparation of the program for the year 2019 and $4,150.
The Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office each year has stub searches performed on delinquent properties that are part of the foreclosure procedure.
Last year this was successfully performed by Mountain Abstract Company, Inc.
Mountain Abstract Company, Inc. can provide the abstracting services at the same price as last year’s services; that being $125 per new search and $50 per two year update search.
The board authorized entering into an abstracting agreement with Mountain Abstract Company, Inc., Chestertown, under the same terms and conditions as last year.
The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors created the position of Account Clerk/Computer Support Aide for the Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office by Resolution No. 229- 19 dated August 1, 2019.
The County Personnel Officer advertised the position and received one application and the County Treasurer conducted an interview with that applicant and found the applicant to be hirable for the Account Clerk/Computer Support Aide position in the Treasurer’s Office.
The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors authorized on August 28 the hiring of Josh Troxel to fill the Account Clerk/Computer Support Aide position in the Treasurer’s Office.
Troxel will start this position on October 15, 2019, and Account No. A1325.105 Account Clerk/Computer Support Aide is created and $6,035 is to be transferred from Account No. A1990.401 Contingent Fund to Account No. A1325.105 Account Clerk/Computer Support Aide to fund the position.
 and the County Treasurer be so authorized, and the Personnel Officer so advised.
Barry Baker was reappointed County Director of Real Property Tax Services to take effect October 1, 2019 for a term of six years, and the salary of the Director of Real Property Tax Services be at the present salary of $72,100.
The Hamilton County Public Health Nursing Service is required to provide for Related Services (Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy Services) for children aged 3-5, who reside within Hamilton County and have a developmental delay as defined through a comprehensive evaluation, through the Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE) process.
Indian Lake Central School District can provide these related services through the New York State Department of Education. The frequency and duration of services for each child is based on the findings of the comprehensive evaluation and rules applying to section 4410 of the NYS Education Law, as determined by the CPSE committee in preparing an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The compensation for related services is set at rates in conjunction with the Rate Setting Unit of the NYS Department of Education.
The board authorized the Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors to enter into a contract with said provider to provide the aforesaid services for the period of September 1, 2019 through August 31, 2020 pursuant to an aforesaid IEP for each eligible child, with compensation for services rendered at the current approved rates set forth for Hamilton County by the Rate Setting Unit of the NYS Education Department.
A similar contract for Lake Pleasant Central School District to provide special education and related services through the New York State Department of Education was also approved by the board.
The Director of Public Health met with the Health Committee, who authorized the advertising of a part time, on call, weekend registered nurse.
Ashley Gadway, Indian Lake, is a licensed Registered Nurse and has applied for this position.
The Director of Public Health is authorized to hire Ashley Gadway, RN as a Part Time, on-call weekend Registered Professional Nurse at a rate of $75 per on call weekend, plus $28 per hour when on call visits are required, effective September 8, 2019.
The board authorized creating Account No. A4010.109 Part Time On-Call Registered Professional Nurse and have it funded by a transfer of $3,000 from Account No. A4010.110 On-Call Overtime, and the Personnel Officer.

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