Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hamilton County Courthouse to be repaired

Supervisors September 23 2019

Hamilton County Courthouse to be repaired
LAKE PLEASANT—The Hamilton County Board of Supervisors held a special session on September 23 to pass the following four resolutions, starting with awarding of a bid for courthouse entrance repair.
The resolution reads as follows: “WHEREAS, Hamilton County DPW has solicited proposals for the repair of the east and west entrances to the Courthouse in Lake Pleasant, and
“WHEREAS, only one bid was received in response to the said invitation to bidder as follows: R&B Construction, East Entrance (Including Granite) for $38,000 and West Entrance for $18,000.
“WHEREAS, the Superintendent has reviewed the bid to confirm that bid specifications were met and are satisfactory, and
“WHEREAS, the County Highway Superintendent recommends the award be made, be it RESOLVED, the award of the bid for the repairs of the east and west Courthouse entrances be made to R&B Construction in the amount of $56,000, and be it further
“RESOLVED, the Chairman of the Board be authorized to enter into an agreement for the said Entrance Repairs with subject to the approval of the County Attorney and the County Treasurer, Highway Superintendent and Clerk of the Board be so notified.”
“WHEREAS, the Hamilton County Emergency Management Department has been awarded a NYS 2019 SHSP grant through the FY2019 State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) in the amount of $49,985, therefore, be it
“RESOLVED, that the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors is hereby authorized to sign said FY2019 SHSP grant and the Director of Emergency Management, Sheriff, and County Treasurer be so notified, and be it further
“RESOLVED, that Account No. A3645.0403 SH19-1020-D00 be hereby created and funded at $49,985.00 to be totally offset by creating and funding Revenue Account No. A3389.0124 SH19-1020-D00 at $49,985.00 and the County Treasurer be so authorized.”
“WHEREAS, there is a need to provide home nursing services to the residents of Hamilton County, and
“WHEREAS, the Director of Public Health met with the Health Committee who authorized the advertising of a full time, on call, weekend registered nurse, and
“WHEREAS, Jennifer Svoboda of Porters Corners, NY is a licensed Registered Nurse with 21 years of experience, and has applied for this position, therefore, be it
“RESOLVED, that the Director of Public Health is authorized to hire Jennifer Svoboda, RN as a Full Time Registered Professional Nurse, at an annual salary of $56,268 at a grade 16, step 5, and be it further
“RESOLVED, that Account No. A4050.0103 Registered Professional Nurse be created and funded by a transfer of $14,065.00 from Account No. A4010.0123 Public Health Clerk, and the Personnel Officer be so notified, and the County Treasurer be so authorized.
“WHEREAS, Hamilton County is obligated to provide roundtrip transportation for Hamilton County children receiving Early Intervention or Preschool Special Education services that cannot be provided in the home setting, and
“WHEREAS, the HCPHNS staff encourage parents to provide transportation, which however is not an option for this family beginning September 4, 2019, be it
“RESOLVED, that bids for roundtrip transportation from Long Lake to Children’s Corner in Tupper Lake, NY be solicited from vendors for the 2019 fall and spring school sessions.

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