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Inlet adopts new mater plan

Inlet TB Sept 10 2019

Inlet adopts new mater plan
INLET—When the Inlet Town Board met on September 10, a Public Hearing was held on a new Master Plan for the Town.
On a motion by Councilman Dan Levi and seconded by Councilman Herb Schmid, the public hearing regarding the changes in the Master Plan was opened.
Supervisor John Frey asked if there were any questions from anyone on the changes that were noted online as highlighted text. He added that he would like to thank all the Planning Board members, past and present, the residents, the department heads and the board for all their hard work on the Master Plan. He added that it is a testament to Greg O’Hara and the Planning Board at that time, as to how good the original was that only a few changes/tweaks were made since that time. Supervisor Frey asked again if there were any questions/comments from the public.
Without any comment from the public, the board adopted the Master Plan at the end of the meeting. The plan may be viewed online at the town website.
Highway Superintendent Shawn Hansen reported on the numerous projects/works being done in town. They have cut brush on Moose River Plains Road, hauled and added gravel to Uncas Road, installed a culvert on Gilbert Road, hauled gravel for Townsend Trail, helped with town hall roof, met with Peckham and the DOT regarding some road issues at the end of Limekiln and the snowmobile crossings. The snowmobile crossings must keep same angle that they are pre-built with, however, can adjust where they are placed.
There were some issues with the guardrail up by Rocky Mountain that needed to be adjusted to make safer for snowmobile travel through there. The signs at the post office were moved to make more visible. They are also getting movable signs that state the parking in front is limited to 15 minutes. They are working on the snow crossing by Tamarack so they can replace and build up that crossing. Superintendent Hansen thanked the highway staff for all their hard work. He plans on spreading more gravel on Uncas Road and work on Townsend Trail.
Supervisor Frey explained that ADKAction would like the Town of Inlet to pledge to use less salt on the winter maintenance of the roads. Frey explained that we already have cut way back on the use of salt, except in extreme issues or ice issues. He expressed his feelings that if the tree canopy was cut back some, the sun would naturally decrease the ice on the roads and the use of salt. The Board will look at and discuss any snow and ice policy in the future.
Back to the regular staff, however, still open 7 days/week. Will be closed Thanksgiving and is closed observed holidays.
Hansen thanked his staff for all their hard work and for help with the town hall roof.
Frey asked to discuss the possibility of changing the staffing to 4, 10-hour days at the transfer station also. This would also allow for some “downtime”, with no people in the station, for staff to get caught up.
Councilman Schmid spoke about his thoughts/concerns as a business owner in town and how others may be impacted. Discussion was tabled until next month.
The Inlet Library needs a letter from the town that they have the legal authority to allow the library to apply for a grant to do some improvements to the building and a renewal lease signed. Katie Chambers pointed out that contract was just being extended and items that are being requested to be updated with grant money was discussed.
By resolution, the board approved. Councilman Townsend abstained from vote due to relationship with library.
Peggy Brownell has concerns that the way the newspaper reports the Clerk’s minutes differ from the actual printed minutes and some things are being interpreted incorrectly. Supervisor Frey explained that the paper is not obligated to print the actual written minutes and the version in the paper is a story written on their interpretation of the minutes. It was noted that many people interpret the written version differently. Peggy expressed that she feels they should be present at the meeting to write a story on the meeting.
Cherie Landl asked the status of the Townsend trail and expressed how much of a need there is to move forward with finishing it. She expressed the concern for safety of anyone walking in that area. It was explained that we will need two easements beyond Deer Meadows to be able to proceed past there. Concerned citizens expressed that they just don’t want to see it put off until next year now.
C&S and Hamilton County are still doing studies and research to file for an APA permit to get any height above the 90 ft. currently being proposed. They are working on drawings for the application also. AT&T are continuing to actively seek a contract to have services on any proposed tower. It was noted that the location that is being looked at, at this time is Peter Funk’s property with a lease for $1.00/day to use his location.
6th LAKE BOAT DOCK - Supervisor Frey reported that he has not made any progress in getting bids for the dock.
BROADBAND SERVICES – Robin Hill spoke regarding possibly sharing the costs with a few other Hamilton County towns for research and mapping for broadband services in the areas that are underserved. She is thinking it would be roughly $600 for each town, however, will confirm amount. CAP21 would oversee collection and payment of the shared costs to the research company.
Robin Hill spoke on some other things she is working on, such as a regional collaboration group to help with the economic development plan. Also working closely with the Community Foundation and continue to work on healthcare issues in the area.
PARKS DEPARTMENT – Park’s Supervisor, Mitch Lee provides a report each month that is available online.
ASSESSOR/CODES - Assessor and Codes/Zoning Officer, Aimee VanWie provides a report each month and is available online.
INFORMATION OFFICE – Publicity Director, Adele Burnett provides a detailed monthly report online and is attached to agenda packet. In addition to past events and information about her department, this report will detail upcoming events.
POLICE – Firearms training has been completed by all officers.
PLANNING BOARD – There is some concerns about possibly looking into some regulations regarding light pollution in the future.
ZBA – May need to review and update the rental ordinance the town has. Per Ray Kopp, the ZBA would like to appoint Thomas Wilson to the ZBA.
By resolution, the board approved appointing Thomas Wilson.
Chief Court Clerk, Georgia Levi asked for the board to pass a resolution authorizing her to apply for another grant to make improvements to the Justice Court room and office for both aesthetic reasons and safety.
The board adopted the following resolution: “WHEREAS, the unified court system has a grant program to assist towns and villages in the operation of their justice courts and betterment of said offices, and
“THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the town of inlet justice court is authorized to apply to the chief administrative judge for a justice court assistance program grant.”
Supervisor Frey spoke to the success of the last grant they were awarded.
There will be a Flu shot clinic on October 2 at 10:30 at the Inlet town hall.
The Town Clerk read the following thank you letter to the Town Board and Supervisor Frey from John Kalil: “It is with deep appreciation and thanks on behalf of the entire Kalil family, and specifically the immediate family of Peter N. Kalil, Sr., that I would thank you all for the tremendous cooperation, help and efforts that you all provided in making the dedication of the new Town Flag a huge success. Your professionalism and human kindness will always be remembered.
“Enclosed, please find a copy of the letter received from Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and a check to the Inlet Youth Commission in the amount of $250.”
The town clerk referenced the letter from Elise M. Stefanik where she thanked John Kalil for the invite to the flag dedication and acknowledge Peter Kalil, Sr.’s accomplishments and dedication to the Town of Inlet.
Revenue received in the office of Town Clerk for the month of August was $19,618.00.
Supervisor Frey referred to a letter from an anonymous person requesting the Town of Inlet’s support in what he believes would be helping Town of Webb make the decision to not allow the helicopter pad on South Shore Road near the old Camp Eagle Cove.
Frey first addressed the issue that the board will not entertain an unsigned letter. If a resident is concerned and wants support and/or action, please identify yourself. He spoke very strongly about not placing so many restrictions on different modes of travel, restricting seaplanes in the area and restricting use of personal watercraft. Until there is an issue with safety, Frey is not comfortable supporting all the regulations.
Invasive species and algae are monitored very closely, and Inlet has a proactive approach. We have not had any problem with algae bloom in Inlet’s waterways.
The cost of our share of the broadband research was brought up again and Robin Hill was comfortable with the amount not exceeding $700.
By resolution, the board supported the research for broadband services in the underserved areas, with Inlet cost not to exceed $700.
Robin Hill asked how ambulance coverage works as far as mutual aide, for instance, if Old Forge must respond to a call that is in Inlet.
Councilman Schmid explained that Inlet does not pay Old Forge. Billing comes from the actual call, therefore, if Old Forge responds, regardless of where it is, they bill for that call and the patient’s insurance would receive the bill.
Peggy Brownell asked how the billing works.
Schmid stated that it goes by whether it was a BLS or ALS call and is determined by mileage.
Robin Hill mentioned that they are working with MVHS/Old Forge to possibly begin accepting people’s sharps (needles).
Peggy Brownell asked how the 2018 Audit for the comptroller was coming along. Supervisor Frey stated it is now complete and acknowledged Mary’s hard work in getting it finished, especially with a very difficult software system.
Supervisor Frey asked for a moment of silence for Lynda Levi, who had recently passed away. He stated how much she will be missed and how much she meant to everyone in town.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Yvonne Lutz, Town Clerk.

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