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Lake Pleasant moves to enforce ROW rules on Golf Course Road

LPTB Aug 19 2019

Lake Pleasant moves to enforce ROW rules on Golf Course Road
By Pete Klein
LAKE PLEASANT--At a regular meeting of the Lake Pleasant Town Board on August 19 at the Lake Pleasant Public Library, the board unanimously adopted the following resolution.
RESOLVED, until such time as the Town of Lake Pleasant no longer owns the Right of Way at 175 Golf Course Road, the property owners with a deeded Right of Way over this property must abide by the terms of their deed and the Town signage pertaining to this property. Personal property must be removed within 30 days, or it will be removed by the Town of Lake Pleasant.
Concerning a possible sewage inspection law, the board was handed a copy of the Town of Inlet’s septic system law to review their law requires septic systems to be inspected before a property is sold. The Supervisor is looking into the Town of Queensbury which the Town of Arietta is also looking into.
Code Enforcement Officer Bob Benkovich has had a lot of calls about house numbers. It is very important to have numbers on house or at the end of driveways for ambulance, fire and delivery services.
Benkovich also addressed the problem he has with some of the landowner’s driveways. He has gone down driveways where branches have hit the top and sides of his truck. Driveways shall provide a minimum unobstructed width of 12 ft. and minimum unobstructed height of 13 ft. 6 in.
Willard Reynolds BST&Co. CPAs, LLP, proposal was reviewed by Supervisor Wilt and Councilperson Seifts, and both feel it is a good proposal.
Reynolds said the firm provided these services to the Town years ago. Reynolds stated the first year might be a little bumpy, but his firm is very familiar with account clerk’s system KVS and the AUD.
Supervisor Wilt reported that the landfill post closure report from Adirondack Landfill Services has been received and it looks like in the future only one testing will need to be done.
Councilperson Cristine Meixner handed out a proposed updated procurement policy for the Board members, Town Clerk and Highway Superintendent for review.
Councilperson Seifts believed it should be tabled for now and it was.
Recreation Director Samantha Desrochers gave her end of the summer report; the group took a trip to Fort Rick, Saratoga Children’s Museum, A day at the Beach and Adirondack Adventure Center. She had to cancel two trips. She is planning two Hockey Games this maybe one in Glens Falls and maybe one in Utica. The skiing program will of course start up. She would like to start advertising in February for Recreation Aides.
Robert (Shorty) Hoffman doesn’t feel private property owners have to have house numbers/property numbers when the State doesn’t with their properties. Dick Eliezer told the Board that it would be against the law for the Town to remove any personal property below the high water mark on the Town’s ROW.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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