Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Rangers find lost kayaker

Ranger Report Sept 11 2019

LONG LAKE—At 5:39 pm on Sept. 7, Ray Brook Dispatch received a call from Ranger Megan McCone reporting an overdue kayaker on Long Lake. Ranger McCone stated that the 70-year-old woman, from The Villages, Fl., was paddling in a yellow kayak and was last seen on the northern side of Long Lake.
Under the authority of Capt. John Streiff, Ranger Jim Waters drove the Ranger boat north onto Long Lake to search for the missing woman. Ranger Peter Evans, three Assistant Forest Rangers, a volunteer, and the Raquette Falls Caretaker Gary Valentine searched surrounding waterways. Per Ranger McCone’s request, a plane from Helms Aero Service was utilized to assist in the search.
With darkness fast approaching and lightning storms in the area, the plane could not locate the subject and returned to the hamlet of Long Lake. An Assistant Forest Ranger eventually located the missing woman’s kayak on the Cold River. The subject had encountered two other paddlers who brought her to a nearby lean-to for shelter. She was soaking wet from having tipped over in her kayak and was suffering from hypothermia. The woman was transported in a canoe up the Raquette River to Long Lake, given a ride back to the Hamlet of Long Lake by Ranger Waters, and met by Ranger McCone and the woman’s friends. Ranger Waters then returned the next day and transported the woman’s kayak off the Cold River and returned it to the woman by Sunday afternoon.

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