Friday, October 25, 2019

Arietta new highway garage estimate too high

Arietta TB Oct 15 2019

Arietta new highway garage estimate too high
PISECO--Arietta Town Board Supervisor called for a special town board meeting on October 15 and began the meeting by handing out the cost estimate for the new highway garage. He said he doesn’t feel the prices aren’t accurate because they use a cost per square foot and there isn’t standard plumbing for this project.
The board felt the site work and excavation costs seemed high also. As the proposal was presented the cost of the project came in at $1,974,771.88.
Supervisor Wilt said they are just numbers to absorb for now.
Sarah Rudes said she feels it would be a good idea to notify the public that the board is considering this idea. The board agreed and Christy Wilt will put a notification on the Town website.
The board passed a resolution to hold a public hearing for the Town of Arietta 2020 budget at the November 4 regular Town Board meeting.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Kenneth Parslow, Town Clerk.

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