Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lake Pleasant completes paving of roads

LPTB Oct 7 2019

Lake Pleasant completes paving of roads
Highway: Superintendent Randy Lavarnway reported that all the paving that was planned for this year has been completed. The shoulders were done with hot mix which should hold up for 15-20 years. All sand has been brought in to be stored behind the Highway garage. This sand is not just used by the Town but also the County. There has also been an agreement sent up with the Village for use of the sand as the Village does not have proper storage for the sand. The sand does get mixed with the salt in the Salt shed.
Lavarnway informed the Board that his crew has painted bright Library stairs a yellow for safety reasons; a flood light has been installed so the flag at the Primary Care/Library will be lite up. The former Library sign was hung on the Library gazebo.
Lavarnway was asked to investigate upgrading the Town’s tennis courts. He reported that the courts at the County building need painting and restriping and probably add pickle ball lines. Elm Lake Road courts are in rough shape. There is a crack going down the middle and rocks are coming thru the center. Pricing for upgrading the court in the Village would be about $50,000 and that doesn’t include labor as his crew would be doing the new base a capital project fund might need to be started for the cost.
Councilperson Meixner asked if the courts get used enough to justify the cost? Karen McComb who lives on Elm Lake Rd. said that many people do use the tennis courts. The Town has not received all of 2019 Snowmobile grant money from the State and not some of 2020’s grant money. After looking into the problem Lavarnway was told there is staffing problems.
Lavarnway reported there are problems with some of his trucks. He would like to put trucks 212 and the old 215 up for auction on Auction International. 212 did not pass inspection and needs a part no longer made in the USA. Asked what this truck is used for Lavarnway said it is used to plow and sand the parking lots at the Town buildings. It is also used at the Town Cemetery’s to haul the dirt away.
The board authorized Superintendent Lavarnway to put the 2 trucks on Auction International.
Councilperson Meixner asked what would happen if 212 was not repaired before winter. Lavarnway said he could put a sander on the back of one of the four-wheel drive pickups and plow with that, but the problem is this would tie up a truck that is already being used.
Supervisor Dan Wilt only got one response from a Surveyor to establish the mean high-water mark for Sacandaga Lake on 175 Golf Course Road. The surveyor is a property owner Fred Reiche for $250.00 the work should be done the first week in November.
The board approved hiring Fred Reichie to do a survey on the mean high-water mark on 175 golf course road
The Board approved more changes to the proposed updated Procurement Policy that is being worked on by Councilperson Meixner. The Procurement Policy is still being tabled.
Councilperson Seifts asked Supervisor Wilt about the new bill the Town has received from Hawk Drilling which now has accumulated $20,000 in interest.
Supervisor Wilt said that the Town attorney said that the Town was not responsible for the bill. Councilperson Seifts asked for something in writing from the Attorney to prove this.
The Town Attorney suggested we hold off on putting a date for the personal property to be removed from 175 Golf Course Road until the mean high-water mark is established. This will have a 30 days’ notice.
Adirondacks Speculator Region Chamber of Commerce Director Donna Benkovich passed out her third quarter report and gave a report on the Genevieve Zeiser Memorial fundraiser. The total was $1,800 and was given to different organizations. $750 to Speculator Ambulance Corps, $650 to Mountain Valley Hospice, and $400 Albany Medical College Anatomical Gift Program.
Donna was given lots of praise for putting on the first Bear and Wine Festival. Everyone that attended and the vendors felt it was a great success, around 800 people attended. Chamber President Peter Welch asked for $2,500 more in funds for the Chambers 2020 budget. He feels this would help cover the increase in the costs of phones, services etc.
Library President Karen McComb spoke to the Board about the Library Budget lines for 2020. She wanted the Board to know that Sherry Matthews’s title is Library Manager the title Library Director is just used in-house. Roxanne Cook’s title will be library assistant instead of aide; she must take the Civil Service exam for that position. Of course, her appointment will not be confirmed until she passes the exam.
Gary Rhinehart handed out Dackland Radio 2020 contract.
Youth Rec. Director Samantha Desrochers gave an update report she is planning a trip to Utica to see a hockey game on Saturday Oct 19 she has 36 tickets 20 have already been reserved.
Samantha is trying to add to the School’s Halloween party that the Lions Club puts on. She is thinking maybe a dance from 7:00- 9:00 with music and games. She is also planning another hockey game in Glens Falls of which she has tickets available. Samantha is also hoping to set up an event with the seniors maybe at Thanksgiving time maybe the kids could spend so time with them.
Former Mayor Collie Smith asked about the burn pit in Speculator being it is not used for that anymore would that is considered for a new tennis court? Supervisor Wilt felt the road is too narrow and there is wet land on either side. Neil McGovern led an applause for the Chamber’s Bear and Wine Festival saying it was run very professionally and a great first-time effort. Tammy Garret who owns the Timberline CafĂ© said business was great and would like to see the Chamber do more similar events. Robert Hoffman wanted to let the Board know that the Apple Feast put on by the Historical Society went off very well with more vendors and turn out then the past years.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Deborah O’Rourke, Town Clerk.

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