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Wells has new code enforcement officer

Wells TB September 9 2019

Wells has new code enforcement officer
WELLS—When the Wells Town Board met on September 9, the board passed the following resolution – the appointment of code enforcement officer.
“WHEREAS, the Wells Town Board in accordance with Town Law Section 138, subdivision 1 appointed Michael McElroy Code Enforcement Officer to enforce the N.Y.S. Building Code for 2019, and
“WHEREAS, the Code Enforcement Officer Michael McElroy is resigning as of September 30th, 2019 WHEREAS, the Personnel /Finance Committee has recommended appointing Kevin Helm as the Building and Fire Code Enforcement Officer to fill said resigned appointment,
“NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that Kevin Helm be appointed Code Enforcement Officer to enforce the N.Y.S. Building Code for 2019 whose term begins on October 1, 2019 and expires on December 31, 2019.”
On a motion of Councilperson Hunt, seconded by Councilperson Saltis, the following was approved by all:
“WHEREAS, the Town of Wells has received Funding from the NYS Unified Court system under the Justice Court Assistance Program (JCAP) for improvements to the Justice court room and offices numerous times in the past, and
“WHEREAS, these improvements have proved beneficial to the operation and efficiency of the local justice system, NOW THEREFORE, BE IT
“RESOLVED, that the Wells Town Board supports the efforts of the justice court to reduce the local cost of needed improvements to the court by seeking such grant opportunities.”
Supervisor Donald Beach reported on the Lake Algonquin Hydroelectric Plant for August 2019. Revenues totaled $250.13; expenditures totaled $5,947.46.
Highway Superintendent Clay Earley pointed out the fact that the highway bills paid were so high and waiting for CHIPS reimbursement.
Councilperson Tim Hunt asked the status of replacing the dry hydrants. A new hydrant was received and will replace the one in front of the Longnecker residence. Next will be working on the one in front of the Welch residence and George Paige will be in touch with the Fire Chief about the one at the dam.
Councilperson Andrew Lauria has completed his review of the 2018 AUD and everything is in order.
Rebekah Crewell commented from an insurance point of view, having in operable hydrants is a major liability to the Town.
Keith Lauria asked if all pressurized hydrants are working, Superintendent Earley said yes, they are.
Vince Abbott-Forgione asked at the July meeting what was the total expense of the dam repairs earlier in the year. Supervisor Beach gave him and the board a report summarizing the total expenses. $33,374.08 includes parts, labor, nuts and bolts. Vince also presented the board with an article form the Albany Times Union newspaper titled” older hydro plants passed over.”
Under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed earlier in the summer, new generators of clean power, such as wind turbines and solar panels will get subsidies in order to help the state try to reduce carbon emissions up to 70 percent by 2030. But many of the older existing hydro plants like ours, as well as some wind turbines won’t qualify for the new CLCPA subsidies. Owners of these facilities have banded together to try and change that. They had some success in the legislature, with lawmakers last session passing a bill that would let them get the subsidies. He would like the board to investigate how Wells could be included in any future subsidies.
Roy Grisenthwaite commented on the speeding and reckless drivers on Rt. 30 thru town. He suggested contacting the State Police or Sheriff Department to install electronic devices to measure speed.
George Place invited anyone to sit on his front porch to witness the high speeds.
Keith Lauria suggested contacting the Sheriff to sit at the 30 mph signs to catch speeders. John Margies suggested placing 30 mph signs in the middle of town.
Rebekah Crewell asked residents to call NYS DOT in Indian Lake for more signage. Councilperson Vanessa Saltis reiterated that residents need to call the State not just the board.
Superintendent Earley gave the States phone number, 518-648-6555.
Julie Stuart is having a hard time getting a response from the Building Code Officer after leaving him messages. She has propane tanks on her property that need to be removed.
John Menke asked if the town board has initiated any discussion with the school board in regard to cameras being installed on all school buses. Supervisor Beach believes it is not the towns’ responsibility and will look into it.
With no further business, on a motion by Councilperson Hunt, seconded by Councilperson Lauria, the meeting was adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Town Clerk Maryellen Stofelano.

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