Thursday, October 17, 2019

Backpack program starts at Long Lake Central

LLCS BOE Oct 10 2019

Backpack program starts at Long Lake Central
LONG LAKE—Long Lake Central School Superintendent Noelle Short reported at the October 10 meeting of the Board of Education that the first delivery for our backpack program will be on Thursday October 17.
Short went on to report the Open House was successful with 50 meals served, more than $600 in Book Fair sales, and 5 flu shots given.
True North Superintendent’s Conference Day was held at Johnsburg CSD on October 4, with 360 participants and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Vermont presenting.
She reported we have seven student referrals for mental health services so far. The Character Education is continuing, and a Buddy Bench has been placed on our playground. Our teachers have all updated their pages on our school website.
We have conducted four fire drills and one lock down drill. We need to complete a total of eight fire drills and four lock down drills for the school year.
Short met with ASP Co-Directors regarding rules, parent communication and activities. The ASP Assistant position was designed for a student, but it will be expanded to include adults.
The garden shed is being painted and the Town of Long Lake Highway Department is helping us move the shed to the garden next week.
The committee pages on our school website have been updated and include meeting minutes. The Shared Decision Committee is looking at adult education options. The Professional Development Committee is looking for teacher resources and is working on a writing initiative.
The holiday concerts are scheduled with one concert in Indian Lake CSD on December 10 and one at Long Lake CSD on December 11.
We currently have 100% compliance with our student vaccines.
We have received a data security breach plan from NERIC, and we are still reviewing our insurance policies regarding data breaches.
Long Lake CSD has been chosen to pilot some video conferencing equipment and will have the option to purchase it should it meet our needs.
The CTSO is conducting a fundraiser called Penny Wars and the students are actively participating in it.
The new high school social studies teacher Sean O’Shell presented to the board his plans for his curriculum.
The board approved on a Motion by Trisha Hosley, seconded by Alexandria Harris, with all in favor, the Drama Club proposal as presented by Michelle Billings. The Club plans on a large performance this school year.
The board approved on a Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Michael Farrell, with all in favor, CSE/CPSE Recommendations for student #202309, 202799 and 202801.
The board approved on a Motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Alexandria Harris, with all in favor, Policy #5140 Administration of the Budget and #5660 Meal Charging and Prohibition Against Meal Shaming.
The board approved on a Motion by Alexandria Harris, seconded by Trisha Hosley, with all in favor, Kelsie Adams and Tamara Combs as 2019-2020 Student Council Co-Advisors.
The board approved on a Motion by Michael Farrell, seconded by Alexandria Harris, with all in favor, the resignation of Dana Goetze as Physical Education and Health Teacher and Athletic, Coordinator effective January 11, 2020.
The Board reviewed the updated Schedule of Reserve Funds.
The Board reviewed field trip destinations, specifically the Quebec City field trip.
The Board discussed Spanish as a foreign language option for our students. Ms. Short will do some research and the topic will be revisited.
The physical education and health education position opening will be advertised.
There was discussion on the workload of teaching all classes and being the Athletic Coordinator.
There was discussion on soccer, basketball and baseball opportunities for our students, specifically boys’ modified players.
Michael Farrell asked how Family Consumer Science was now taught to students. Noelle Short said it is now a CTE requirement and can be taught through Technology classes.
Michael Farrell gave a Health, Safety, Wellness Committee update that includes a Family U night in January, in conjunction with the Four Rivers Alliance, and will focus on vaping. He also noted that the faculty and staff are involved in a fitness step program.
Trisha Hosley gave a CTSO update that includes partnering with the Town of Long Lake for movie nights and partnering with Student Council for Trunk or Treat.
Brian Penrose asked if we had anyone available to teach Drivers Education. Currently there is no staff certified to teach it.

Editor’s note: Story is based upon the minutes of Clerk of the Board Victoria J. Snide.

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