Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Arietta 2020 budget passed under the cap.

Arietta TB November 4 2019

Arietta 2020 budget passed under the cap.
PISECO—The Arietta Town Board met on November 4 and passed the following resolutions to formally approve the 2020 town budget.
The board approved the following resolution:
“WHEREAS: the Town of Arietta Town Board has accepted the 2020 Preliminary Budget at the October Town Board Meeting, and WHEREAS: at the October workshop meeting’s, there was discussion of the Town Board, and a motion made to bring to resolution an increase in the amounts of the following accounts: A0-7450.400 Museum from $1,000 to $3,000, A0-2410 Rental Real Property from $403 to $5,600
THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED: that the Town Board, Town of Arietta increase the above amounts in the 2020 Budget.”
Supervisor Rick Wilt then reported they just stayed under the Tax Cap. He gave a copy of the budget summary to the Town Board members.
The board then passed the following resolution.
“WHEREAS: the Town Board, Town of Arietta held a Public Hearing for public comment on the Budget for 2020, and WHEREAS: public comment was heard at the Public Hearing held during the regular Town Board Meeting at 5 p.m. on Monday, November 4, 2019 at the Piseco Common School, 1722 State Route 8 Piseco, NY, and
“THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED: the Town Board of Arietta will adopt the Town Budget for the year 2020.”
With the budget under the cap, the board passed the following resolution:
“WHEREAS: the Town of Arietta Town Board at the October 7, 2019 board meeting passed resolution #19-10-32 for Local Law No. 1 of 2019 authorizing the overriding of the Tax Cap Levy for the 2020 Budget, and WHEREAS: the Arietta Town Board after several budget workshops and with the adoption of the 2020 Budget came in under the state tax cap levy, and
“THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED: that the Town Board, Town of Arietta rescinds Resolution #19-10-32 and Local Law #1 authorizing the overriding of the 2020 Tax Cap Levy.”
Supervisor Wilt reported: the snowmobile trails are on the bottom of the list after the storm damage to that was significant.
The Powley Road is gone reported by Highway Superintendent Small, cannot estimate when it will be repaired. Bridges and washouts are extreme. Has pictures on computer if anyone would like to see them.
He reported the Town Roads held up pretty well. Bridge on Haskell Road is gone. The County is responsible for that one.
Supervisor Wilt wanted to thank the highway men who were out all weekend they did a great job. Highway Superintendent, Small also said when he called the men out to help, they were right there ready to help.
Supervisor Wilt reported the lake is very high during the storm it was 43” above zero and right now it looks like 46” above level, it looks like it is the highest it got Sunday morning. It went down very quickly. The boards are out of the dam.
Sarah Rudes reported Popular Point Campsite needs a lot of repair work after the storm.
Zoning Officer Mel Lascola reported the JIF for the town garage was done and sent to the APA. We are in special use district and it will have to go in front of the ZBA and Planning Board. It will have to be put in the paper to do in December.
Supervisor Wilt said because this was a major project in Town it has to go before the Lake George. Lake Champlain Regional Planning Board.
Lascola asked if there has been anything done on the Septic Law, Supervisor Wilt said it was sent to the Town Attorney.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Kenneth Parslow, Town Clerk.

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