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Arietta TB July 1 2019

Arietta TB July 1 2019


The Arietta Town Board met on July 1 and conducted the following business.
A Resolution to purchase through a Piggyback Oneida County Bid One (1) New Everest Snowplow Package to Include Hydraulics, Controls, and 201SS Constructed Dump Body Contract Bid Reference Award #1989 was offered by Councilman Michael Knapp as follows: WHEREAS: the Town Board, Town of Arietta has received the current Oneida County Bid for One (1) New Everest Snowplow Package to Include Hydraulics, Controls, and 201SS Constructed Dump Body Contract Bid Reference Award #1989, and
WHEREAS: the Highway Superintendent would like to purchase on Piggyback Contract One (1) New Everest Snowplow Package to Include Hydraulics, Controls, and 201SS Constructed Dump Body Contract
Bid Reference Award #1989 per the attached specifications for $88,323 and
THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED: the Town Board after review will authorize the Highway Superintendent to purchase the above equipment on Piggyback Contract as per the attached specification outline for a total of $88,323.00.
The resolution was seconded by Councilwoman Christy Wilt and approved by all.
SNOWMOBILE TRAILS & TOWN BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: Knapp reported he and Councilwoman Jacqui Grier went to the meet and greet meeting with DEC. John Mulligan said that anyone who will be running a chainsaw for the Town on State land will have to take a CPR and blood born pathogen class.
AIRPORT: Supervisor Rick Wilt reported the grant for the lighting at the airport didn’t make it. He said it probably won’t make it at the beginning of next year. It won’t make it until September of 2020, so it will be at least 2 years off.
LAKE, DAM & INVASIVE: Councilwoman Sarah Rudes reported the gauges are in at the dam as of June 14. The second gauges installation at the bridge on Route 8 has been cancelled for now. Supervisor Wilt will pick up the gauge and install it at his house on his dock so the level of the lake can be recorded as well as at the dam. Highway Superintendent Craig Small is collecting the data from the gauge at the dam. Small went over where the fence would be located and what brush that must be removed with the engineers. His crew will be cutting what they can to remove the brush, but they must know where the property line is located exactly.
The boat washing machine is in at the Poplar Point day use area now.
HIGHWAY: Superintendent Small reported he spent a day with John DeSantis from DEC and marked trees along Powley road that were dangerous and need to be removed. They also marked culverts that need work or replacing. DeSantis will give Small a TRP after the paperwork is done and it will be renewable year to year.
RECREATION, WEBSITE & CHAMBER: Councilwoman Wilt reported there will not be a Triathlon in Piseco this year. She also changed the Town website look. Supervisor Wilt said he likes it.
OTHER BUSINES: Zoning/Codes Enforcement Officer Mel LaScola reported that he and Small met with the engineer about the new highway garage and he went over the plans with the board. Supervisor Wilt said the next step is to get the soil borings and have them tested.
Motion was offered by Knapp to allow the Supervisor to have the engineer go forward and put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) to have soil boring samples and soil testing to be done at the location of the highway garage property at the proposed new garage site area. Seconded by Grier and approved by all.
Supervisor Wilt wants to put the old broom and rear mower that was used on the big John Deere tractor at the Piseco Airport up for auction because they aren’t used anymore at the airport.
Grier moved to put the old rear mount mower and broom off the big John Deere tractor at the Piseco airport up for auction sale. It was Seconded by: Councilwoman Wilt and approved by all.
Grier reported someone has asked if the Town could put a picnic table at the Piseco Post Office for hikers to use. After discussion the board decided not to put a table there.
Next regular meeting will be August 5.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Kenneth Parslow, Town Clerk.

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