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Town of Hope lists progress made

Hope TB July 8 2019

Town of Hope lists progress made
By Pete Klein
When the Hope Town Board met on July 8, Supervisor Steven Tomlinson presented the town board and public with a list of accomplishments made since January 1, 2017. He wrote the following: “I just want to take a moment to thank all of the Town of Hope Officials that helped make a positive change since my term as Supervisor began. All the improvements the we have recently made, have truly been a team effort. I wanted to give you a synopsis of the new and improved Town of Hope. - Initiating a shared service program allowing the County to handle our bookkeeping and payroll, saving the town thousands of dollars per year. Switched our Health Insurance and Liability Insurance to a more competitive provider saving the town money. We upgraded our main playground equipment for our town youth. We worked with the Northville Central School District allowing the girls’ varsity softball team to have a successful season utilizing our facility. We had another successful Town Picnic with more participants as well as a visit from Senator Jim Tedisco. We took on a capital improvement project insulating the Highway Garage and installing new metal siding saving 30% on heating costs this past year. We worked with Frontier Communications to upgrade our town’s internet services on Route 30. We worked diligently with Spectrum/Time Warner Cable to build a new service line servicing 180 customers with high speed internet, phone and cable services. We started a very successful first ever town wide garbage cleanup week. We started a weekly garbage pickup for our residents which is growing with more success every week. We have increased our fund balance. We have decreased our expenses.”
Tomlinson added, ‘While creating new services and improving on old, the Town of Hope has managed to stay under the 2% New York State mandated tax cap. Without all your help this would not have been possible. Thank you again for dedicating your time and services to our great town.”
Supervisor Tomlinson handed out a report given to him by Code Enforcer Mike Stewart. It read as follows: “I issued a permit for a garage addition to Frank Piazza of NYS Rte. 30. I spoke with the Town Justice and August 6 will be the court date for Dennis Lynch of 860 NYS Rte. 30 regarding trash, junk and junk vehicles. I will be following up at 750 NYS Rte. 30 tomorrow although it appears that progress has been made driving by. I am talking with Reffitt’s at 323 Hope Falls Road and am waiting to hear from their contractors regarding a ramp and bathroom modifications. I am still working with John Pertell to get information needed to issue a permit for changes he is making to a camp on NYS Rte. 30. I will be issuing the final CO for Ron Batcher’s new house on NYS Rte. 30.
Supervisor Tomlinson presented the board with a quote for $4,648 for a new dumpster. Highway Superintendent Zac Colson stated the old metal dumpster is falling apart, with the door coming off and the sides starting to give way. He would like to junk that one and replace it with either one of the garbage or C & D dumpsters and then replace that with a new one.
A resolution to purchase a new dumpster at a cost of $4,648 was approved by all.
10) Resolved is the approval of a new dumpster for the Transfer Station for $4648.00.
Highway Superintendent Zachery Colson presented the board with his written reports as follows: “Last month I drove to Pennsylvania with the Town of Benson’s Superintendent to look at a mowing tractor with him. It was a 2006 New Holland and it was in good shape. Since then, Benson has bought the tractor and has offered it to the highway department to use it under the shared service agreement.
“We finished ditching CR 21 (Maple Grove). It took us about 3 weeks to finish the ditching. The residents that live in that area were all pleased with how it turned out.
“Last week I saw-cut the black top on Creek Road where the culverts dip. We will be digging those up this week and filling them with cold patch, so they have a smoother transition.
“I met with Lenny Croote from Hamilton County Soil and Water a couple weeks ago about the issue with the under mining on river road. He has an idea to fix the erosion by placing some water bars in the river and then rip rapping the shoreline. (Zac presented the board with an aerial shot of the river and showed where this would be placed.)
“Steve and I ordered the picnic tables for the pavilion. They will be arriving this week and I also attached the new service at the pavilion, and it is powered up. (Supervisor Tomlinson thanked Zac for his hard work on the power project. He stated there was a lot to it.)”
Councilperson John Stuart Jr. asked if there is a grant available for the River Road project and if so, can we get it before winter? Superintendent Colson stated he will contact his rep at CHIPS.
Supervisor Tomlinson asked Superintendent Colson if he could talk to Lenny Croote and ask if there were any other options. Superintendent Colson said he will.
Superintendent Colson also stated he will have Mr. Croote get the permit for the rip rap and he will let him know that the board wants to table the rest of the ideas put forth to possible think of other alternatives.
Superintendent Colson also presented the board with a quote to pave the parking lot at the Highway Garage and Town Hall. Supervisor Tomlinson said this is just one idea for future projects. He said paving also needs to be done at the Firehouse and the Transfer Station road. This led to a discussion on getting something going soon to put a new well in at the pavilion area that would feed the firehouse, pavilion and possible the transfer station.
Resident and Fire Chief Peter Robinson was present and agreed that this would be a great project and he liked the idea. Currently, the pump at the firehouse won’t come on and there have been many ongoing issues with water at their building. Supervisor Tomlinson will get some quotes for this project and present to the board soon.
Superintendent Colson advised the board that the paving project on Creek Road will be covered using CHIPS money.
Supervisor Tomlinson states the cab and chasey of the new truck is not slated to arrive at Viking until November 12 of this year. The truck will not be ready for delivery to the town until January or February of 2020. Due to the truck not arriving until next year, Supervisor Tomlinson asked that we moved that money (about $100,000) from the Highway Checking to the Highway Savings until it is needed in 2020.
By resolution the full board approved transferring the truck money from the Highway Checking to the Highway Savings until it is needed in 2020.
Town Clerk Jill Dunham stated she will be calling Stanley Steamers for carpet cleaning at the Town hall. She also will be calling Derby Office Equip for service and maintenance on the copier.
Dunham advised there are only 2 rentals of the pavilion this summer. She is also looking for information on who to send the meeting notes to at Hamilton County news since the retirement of Peter Klein.
Councilperson William Witts will reach out the HCN and get back to Jill on this.
Councilperson John Stuart Jr. asked Superintendent Colson if the highway department would be ditching. Superintendent Colson they are currently doing the ditching on Schribner Hill Road and will start brush cutting on Old Route 30. He plans to rent a lift to do the brush cutting.
Councilperson John Stuart Jr. also asked for the date of the town picnic. It is September 15.
Councilperson Dianna Downing asked if Jill can make some fliers to hand out at the transfer station or on garbage pickups. Jill will print some and place them.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon meeting minutes provided by Town Clerk Jill Dunham.

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