Monday, July 15, 2019

Wells Town Board June 10 2019


Wells adopts pay reporting requirements
By Pete Klein
At the June 10 meeting of the Wells Town Board, on a motion of Councilperson Tim Hunt and seconded by Councilperson Andrew Lauria, the following resolution was approved by all:
WHEREAS, the Office of the State Comptroller has instituted regulations for reporting elected and appointed officials to the New York State & Local Retirement System (NYSLRS), and
WHEREAS, said regulation only applies to elected and appointed officials who are members of NYSLRS who do not submit time sheets on a weekly basis, and
WHEREAS, said regulation requires the town board to pass a resolution establishing a standard work day for each position, the minimum number of hours in a standard work day, attest that work logs have been received and determining how many days will be reported for each official based on their respective logs,
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Finance Committee recommends the Standard Workday for the following positions are: Position Name Term Expiration SWD Tax Assessor James Abbott appointed 12/31/19 6-hour day
And, be it, further, RESOLVED, that the Finance Committee has reviewed log for Tax Assessor and attest said logs are satisfactory, and, be it further,
RESOLVED, that upon recommendation of the Finance Committee, the Wells Town Board has determined the following days will be reported for this official based on their respective log to the NYSLRS – 4.93 days per month.
Supervisor Donald Beach reported on the Lake Algonquin Hydroelectric Plant for May 2019. Revenues totaled $10,332.91; expenditures totaled $224.43.
Highway Superintendent Clay Earley reported he attended the Highway Superintendent’s School in Ithaca where he was updated on new laws and the latest technology. The two summer employees hired are working out very well.
Councilperson Vanessa Saltis reported she has a new contact with the State to review the Summer Rec safety plan. 4 Counselors and 5 Counselors in Training (CIT) have been hired and the orientation and CPR course will take place in the coming weeks. The Director is Mindy Morrison and Assistant Director is Elise Russell. She continues to remain active with the County Youth Board.
Supervisor Beach met with GZA Engineering to review the dam and hydroplant. This was the first step of the re-licensing process.
Councilperson Lauria met with Caitlin Stewart, District Manager of the Hamilton County Soil and Water to submit a proposal for a grant. The grant encompasses anything under water and soil categories. We are asking for funds to study the evasive species in Lake Algonquin and water shed activity, which would also include an erosion control plan. Monies from the grant will potentially take two to three years to receive. The hope is eventually to include funding to automate the dam and hydro plant. He reiterated and is working toward developing a community action group which can do more to access resources than the Town.
Councilperson Bill Stuart said we are still in need of Lifeguards. Regarding the Lifeguard building, first the shingles will be removed, tarpaper down then the metal roof can be placed.
Councilperson Hunt asked if the hydroplant has been running much? Yes, said Beach. He also asked the status of the oil leaks. ADK Mechanical will repair and replace the new seals in July. He suggested someone from the company review and determine what’s needed so they will be prepared to complete the job as soon as possible which should take approximately one week. Supervisor Beach was to meet FERC on June 12 at to do a walk through and inspection of the dam.
Received a note from the Wells Garden Club thanking the Board for the Town’s donation this year which helps with plantings and flags. The Board agreed to this year’s donation, same as last year of $300.
Roy Grisenethwaite asked about the oil leaks, the fact that they have been going on for years. Highway Superintendent responded that the seals were fixed about 4 years ago and probably need to replace them again. Also, may want to consider replacing the whole blue tank at a cost of $3,000 to $5,000.
Rebekah Crewell asked if it’s leaking into the lake. No, spills into the drum which gets dumped.
John Margies asked if the grant would pay for such repairs. Yes, funds can be used for structural repairs and maintenance. Also pointed out that the dam and hydroplant are both flood control for the Town and downstream. Also asked about tonight’s resolution, does the Assessor work 6 hours per week? Based on a log kept for three months and NYS retirements calculation table he is credited 4.93 days per month towards retirement.
Bill Mahan asked if everyone was in the retirement system. Not necessarily, it’s a choice to contribute.
Nick Mauro Jr. asked what the Supervisor is credited per month, 20 Hours.
Councilperson Hunt, about retirement asked what was done with Janet Palmieri’s NYS Retirement bill to the Town. Supervisor Beach said the Town Attorney hasn’t heard from NYS Retirement.

Editor’s note: This story is based upon the minutes of Town Clerk Maryellen Stofelano.

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